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Hulk back on movie screen

Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE . A new movie called ‘The Incredible Hulk’ smashed its way into Village Six Cinemas earlier this week to showcase the story of the angry,
14 Jun 2008 12:00

image Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE . A new movie called ‘The Incredible Hulk’ smashed its way into Village Six Cinemas earlier this week to showcase the story of the angry, green heroic giant and took audiences by storm.
Based on the popular Marvel Enterprises comic book created by comic book legends Stan Lee (who makes a brief appearance in the movie) and Jack Kirby, this ‘Incredible Hulk’ film launched itself as an independent story and not as a sequel to the 2003 film ‘The Hulk’ which was also based on the comic book.
The creators of the new movie wanted to step away from the first film and produce a new and fresh story that reflected the comic book’s plot about a man dealing with the raging beast that dwelled inside of him.
For audiences who had never read the Hulk comics, seen the first Hulk movie or heard of the Incredible Hulk TV series from the 1970s, this new modern movie provides fresh incite into the character and his struggles.
The plot of the film focuses on the main character, Dr Bruce Banner played by Academy award nominee, Edward Norton.
Using the origin story from the 1970s television series, Banner is turned into a raging green giant with unbelievable strength after an experiment he performs goes horribly wrong.
As a result, he is hunted down by the United States military who want to capture and contain him.
Dr Banner travels the world in order to find a cure and learn how to control his anger and stress levels which triggers his transformation into the raging Hulk.
Leading the hunt for Dr Banner is General Ross played by Oscar winner William Hurt who tries to find the secrets of the Hulk’s power in order to weaponize it for military use.
In order to hunt for Banner, he recruits the help of an aging soldier named Emil Blonsky who is intrigued with the Hulk’s power and hopes to gain a little of it for himself.
British actor Tim Roth plays Emil Blonsky to perfection especially in the scenes where his desire for power begins to grow. Liv Tyler also stars in the movie as Betty Ross, General Ross’ daughter and Banner’s love interest.
All the actors do a superb job in the film, but in the end, it’s the CGI creation of the Hulk that steals the show. Unlike the 2003 Hulk film, this version is grittier and more truthful to the comic book character.
The CGI team do a fabulous piece of work in creating the Hulk’s facial expressions which clearly shows how far special visual effects have come today. The Hulk is a giant super-strong creature that transforms from Bruce Banner whenever he becomes angry or whenever he is in danger and ends up battling his enemies like a force of nature, but is still able to retain his humanity and compassion.
The film’s director, Louis Leterrier who directed films like ‘The Transporter’ kept the film moving at a fast pace. Edward Norton also lent a hand in writing up the script of the movie which was originally written by Zak Penn and Edward Harrison.
The movie makes multiple references to the TV series with its fugitive themes and notable sad piano music sequence as well as references to the comic book.
Lou Ferrigno who played the Hulk in the 1970s TV series also makes a brief appearance in the film as a security guard. Fans who had followed the comic book would easily find references to other notable characters from the books.
Audiences will also note the final scene before the ending credits where an unexpected character from another superhero film shows up to confront General Ross.
The climax of the movie really is the most memorable act of the entire movie as it results in a huge fight seen between the Hulk and a new creature which the comics call the ‘Abomination’.
This film is definitely an improvement from the last film and sets up the story very well for a possible sequel. Rumours speculate that the unexpected character in the final scene of the film signals a future movie also based on the Marvel comic book called ‘The Avengers’ which the Hulk is part of. Overall, the Incredible Hulk is a blockbuster movie that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats and will satisfy any and all fans of the comics as well as anyone who loves watching action adventure films.

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