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Accomplishments throughout the year

December 31
12:00 2008

Written By : SUN FIJI NEWSROOM. There are many things to be proud of that have happened in the year 2008. Many accomplishments had been made and many people have been affected by such accomplishments.
Whether it had been in winning awards, charitable events, successful school functions, celebrating events or engaging in annual activities, people can always look back on last year and remember the great things that had been done.
The first quarter of the year 2008 saw an increase in the arrival of tourists from America and Canada.
Statistics provided by the Fiji Islands Visitors Bureau indicated there was an improvement in tourist arrivals from the two countries for the first quarter of the year.
The month of March 2008 saw the opening of the CWM Hospital’s new Kidney Dialysis Centre.
Before this new part of the hospital, patients had to receive treatment overseas when kidney problems resulted in kidney failure. Now with the new Kidney Dialysis Centre, people in the country only have to travel to Suva for this vital treatment.
People from other parts of the South Pacific also come to Fiji because of the availability of their dialysis machines and experienced staff.
Organisations like the different Pacific branches of ‘Save The Children’ met in Suva to discuss their strategies and plans for the future of their organisations.
They touched on major topics on how to tackle situations where children were in danger in any environment.
In the month of June, heart surgeons voluntarily came down from Australia and New Zealand to offer their services to the people of Fiji.
Their efforts were paid for out of their own pocket and their services were free for members of the public who needed cardiac operations. The Ministry of Health and the Colonial War Memorial Hospital organised two separate teams to fly over and presented the patients’ cases to the surgeons.
One of the teams came to treat children with cardiac conditions and the other team specialised in treating adults. Their services were invaluable as they helped extend the lives of many of our citizens who were brought over from different parts of the country for operations.
The Digicel Mobile Service launched itself into the country’s mobile market and went into competition with Inkk and Vodafone, thus grabbing a fair share of the country’s mobile users.
The new Morris Headstrom mall in Suva called MHCC celebrated its first anniversary in serving the people of Suva and living up to the international standards. It is the first big mall that the country can call its own.
Certain women were honoured in November’s Westpac Business Women’s Awards as ladies who had achieved a great deal in the business market were nominated and awarded for their hard work and contribution of the country’s economy.
Ms Tarei Weeks who currently manages the Five Princes Hotel in Suva won the 2008 Business Woman of the Year title, but all the nominees and other winners had established themselves as pioneers in today’s modern business world.
In the categories of awards, the Fiji Sun newspaper proudly conquered the PANPA awards and FAME awards last year.
Many more proud events were held during the year from the nation’s schools’ choosing to enter into a crop planting programme to the establishments of new businesses in the district. 2008 had definitely become a memorable year for many, and as we remember the past twelve months, we will recall all the great things we have done together as a nation.

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