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December 31
12:00 2008

Written By : Ravind C Naidu Labasa . It’s shocking to learn that the price of essential items for daily needs will go up from January 1 stealthily while the price of fuel dramatically decreases simultaneously.
What kind of a situation are we in?
Who are our economic planners responsible for the 2009 national budget?
Are they locals or expatriates?
It appears they are out of touch and are fiddling in dreamland while their ill-conceived policies suck the lifeblood out of the already depressed citizens of our nation especially the under-privileged ones.
I can understand the concept to encourage more local production for domestic consumption to off-set the unfavourable national balance of trade and promote stronger foreign reserves.
But where is the land available to produce more staple food items such as rice, flour, milk etc in abundance?
What about stationery, school books, shoes, bags, clothes? We can’t produce these items locally.
This situation leaves much to be desired and the government must act now and rectify the blunder to prevent an unprecedented economic catastrophe vividly encroaching to engulf us all.
Please don’t inflict on us the living conditions similar to those of the third world African nations such as Zimbabwe, Somalia or Sudan to name a few.

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