We can be role models

Written By : SUN FIJI NEWSROOM. It was a concern when Father Kevin Barr said that youths in the country lack role models who could show the right path for
24 Mar 2009 12:00

Written By : SUN FIJI NEWSROOM. It was a concern when Father Kevin Barr said that youths in the country lack role models who could show the right path for a better future.
Come to think of it: Is Fiji really short of role models?
Father Barr could have a point. Especially when we live at a time where our various leaders use all different means of explanation to try to justify what they’ve done.
This only creates confusion for our young generation as they do not who should they trust or look up to.
But are we really short of role models?
Many believe that parents should be the foremost role models for their children.
It’s a pity too many parents fail to understand their roles.
You don’t have to be a superman or woman to be a role model, it’s just being positive in your outlook, setting good examples. Be ready to admit mistakes, apologise, show respect.
These are few basic steps we could use to become good role models to our young.
If we stick to this path then surely enough there’ll be a bigger and better Fiji.

A new era for Fiji soccer
New national soccer coach Anand Sami needs all the support he can get if he is to take Fiji to newer heights.
The former star player knows what it takes to deliver the much-desired result. But he cannot do it alone.
Over the years, Fiji soccer has suffered internationally because many officials had their priorities wrong.
They had no national pride. Their districts came first.
The Fiji Football Association cannot be blamed all the time if the national team fails to perform.
Officials in the districts should also look at their role.
Fiji Fiji Football Association should be congratulated for having faith in Mr Sami.
Our last local coach, the late Billy Singh, set records no foreign coach has matched.
Mr Singh led the national team to win often, from the Melanesian Cup in 1989 to the South Pacific Games gold medal in 1995.
But no one would ever forget the 1989 World Cup qualifiers when Fiji upset Australia’s Socceroos 1-0 at Prince Charles Park, Nadi.
Mr Sami’s appointment heralds hopefully a new era for Fiji soccer.
The Labasa man has already proven himself as a player and coach.
Mr Sami mesmerised the Oceania region with his unique ball skills. Despite his small frame, he was one of the most feared midfielders.
He featured at a time when Fiji had an abundance of talented players.
They included the late Josaia Tubuna, Jone Nakosia, Vimlesh Singh, Feroz Khan, Rusiate Waqa, Inosi Tora, Farouk Janeman, Hussein Saheb, Meli Vuilabasa, Inia Bola, Bale Raniga, Jimmy Zoing, Gordon Lee Wai, Inia Bola, Abdul Mannan, Mohammed Salim, and Karuna Gopalan. The list goes on.
Mr Sami’s biggest disappointment was when he failed to help Labasa win a major title during his playing career. He came closest in 1979 when Labasa lost 7-6 to Ba on penalty kicks in the final of the Interdistrict Championship (IDC).
Sixteen years later he coached Labasa to a first IDC win, in 1992 when it downed Nadroga 2-0.
It’s time to throw our whole hearted support behind Mr Sami as he takes over as Fiji coach.
The onus is on district officials to change their attitude. Everyone needs to work together to ensure Fiji soccer continues to improve in the rankings of the world soccer body, FIFA.

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