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Tabua takes FRU to task

Written By : MACIU MALO. Former Flying Fijians head coach Ilivasi Tabua says the Fiji Rugby Union fails to adhere to the Employment Relations Promulgation 2007 which protects the right
27 Sep 2009 12:00

image Written By : MACIU MALO. Former Flying Fijians head coach Ilivasi Tabua says the Fiji Rugby Union fails to adhere to the Employment Relations Promulgation 2007 which protects the right of all employees in the country.
The Employment Relation Promulgation 2007 (s.110) “requires every employment contract to have in place for procedures for resolving employment grievances. “It is inherent within the Promulgation that a worker must get a fair hearing.
Tabua said in all organization there must be a process in place that deals with disciplinary cases and this process must be followed before any employee’s contract is terminated.
The former Wallaby and national flanker said his lawyer had written two letters to the Rugby House dated September 4, 10 respectively informing them of the above regulation but the Rugby House officials are yet to reply.
When contacted on the above letters FRU chairman Bill Gavoka and vice chairman/acting CEO Keni Dakuidreketi refused to comment.
The questions sent to both Gavoka and Dakuidreketi that remained unanswered were:
l Any response from the Rugby House regarding the letters?
l What do you think of Tabua’s sacking and was the right employment procedure followed?
l What procedures has the FRU put in place to deal with disciplinary cases?
l Does FRU have employment grievances?
l Was there any opportunity given to Tabua to consider the allegation before being sacked?
l Is there any police report on the alleged Tabua’s case?
Gavoka however stated earlier the FRU terminated Tabua’s contract based on the seriousness of the incident during the Pacific Nation Cup.
He stressed the FRU can never condone inappropriate behaviour.
“The National Coach is a role model to his players, fellow coaches and to the many young rugby followers around the country,” Gavoka said.
“It is one of the most senior positions in the organization and one that has to be held in high regard. The incident is serious enough to warrant termination, more particularly when it occurred during the tournament in which the team rules had specifically prohibited alcohol consumption.”
Tabua said Gavoka in his earlier press statement emphasised that FRU deal with their issues in professional manner and with integrity.
He said the FRU board are contradicting themselves on the comments they made because they are breaking the rules they had set.
“They have been saying professionalism but let me ask them was my sacking done in a professional manner? Tabua asked.
“Did they follow the employment code of ethics as far as disciplinary process is concerned?
“They never discussed the allegation with me instead they handed me a resignation letter and a termination letter at the same time which I refused to sign.
“In fact there was not even a warning letter prior to my sacking.
“So without any concrete evidence and no police report on the allegation against me they just terminated my contract.
“And they turn to the media saying they Board have made their decision to terminate my service based on the seriousness of the allegation they didn’t even have evidence.
“Again is this professionalism, is this integrity? Tabua asked.
Meanwhile the Ministry of Labour has issued a notice dated September 22 to the FRU and to Tabua to attend mediation as required by Section 201 of the Employment Relation Promulgation 2007 4(2).
The Promulgation Act states that if you fail to appear on this mediation date without reasonable excuse you can commit an offence under Section 201 of the Promulgation and may have to pay a fine of up to $2,000.

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