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Man markets island-born supplement

December 31
12:00 2009

Written By : JIM WITTERS . A part-time Flagler County resident teamed with a health-care advocate from Fiji to produce and market a dietary supplement made from Fijian red mangrove extract.
While federal law prohibits the company from claiming health benefits for the product, co-owner Ted Anders said Respigard contains “almost everything you would prescribe for almost any respiratory problem.”
Anders said the Respigard ingredients have been used for centuries for colds, flu “and a wide range of acute and chronic respiratory challenges.”
Atlanta physician Scott Carroll tested the product in 2004.
“I gave 90 patients Respigard and told them to follow the directions explicitly” said Carroll, who operates the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic. “For more than 79 percent, their cold symptoms were gone in two days. And the other 21 percent got better, but their symptoms lasted a little longer.”
Carroll, who has been treating respiratory patients for more than 30 years, said people “get used to getting antibiotics when they are sick. But if you take them when you don’t need them, you build up a tolerance and the medicine won’t work when you do need it.”
Most colds are caused by viruses, he said, and antibiotics are useless against them.
Carroll said it is important that patients take the treatment within 24 hours of the appearance of symptoms. Dosage is one or two droppers four times a day.
Anders said he and his Fijian partner, Resina Koroi , spent several years locating a product to bring to market and finding a way to process it without preservatives or other artificial ingredients.
“I have had a long-time interest in complementary and alternative remedies,” Anders said. “I was searching for natural solutions to the respiratory challenges people face. And I discovered the red mangrove found in Fiji is very high in curative content.”
Koroi oversees harvesting and processing the rhizomes of the mangroves in Fiji. Anders said the plants are pruned, not destroyed, preserving the mangroves that provide the islands protection from erosion and support the local “mud crab” industry.
From Fiji, the crushed and dried mangrove goes to Utah, where a processor uses kosher glycerin to extract the useful elements,
Anders said. The result is a glycerite that requires no preservatives.
Anders and Koroi started Nature’s Nurse at 1324 South Central Ave., Flagler Beach, to market and distribute Respigard. The company employs three marketing professionals, Anders said, and he plans to add a team of independent sales contractors in January.
The company distributes its product through its Web site ( and through other retailers. A 1-ounce container sells for $29.99.
Anders, who grew up in Flagler County in the 1960s, now spends about half of each year here. He is an associate professor of education at Newman University in Wichita, Kan. He also works for the Georgia College and State University Center for Program Evaluation and Development.
He said that, as the company grows, he hopes to build a headquarters in Cinnamon Grove Village in The Hammock, which his family developed. And he plans a fulfillment center near the Flagler County Airport.

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