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December 31
12:00 2009

Written By : SUN FIJI NEWSROOM. Developments in education have been targeted towards moving Fiji to a Knowledge – Based Society as Pillar 9 of the People’s Charter requires. The whole focus of education development is to improve access and quality of education at all levels.
The endorsement by Government for the abolition of external examinations and the establishment of the Fiji National University are two important developments that took place in 2009. These developments set the framework for major changes in the way that education will develop and delivered into the future.
The development and introduction of the new internal assessment framework will revolutionize the teaching and learning process in Fiji classrooms. As the teachers focus on teaching their students in the classrooms, support services will be setup both at the District and Central levels to provide specialist services that they are required to fully develop all their students. Such services will also be directed at developing the competency of the teachers in order to continue to upgrade their knowledge and skills in teaching.
The abolition of external examinations from Class 6 to Form 4 by 2010 sets Fiji’s education system on a journey towards providing all children with 12 years of basic education. The whole intention of Government is the reduction of dropout and improvements in student retention in schools. These reforms are being strengthened with additional financial assistance such as the provision of bus fares, increased tuition fee assistance to rural schools and the provision of free textbooks starting in 2010. With such improvement in student retention and better assessment strategies and support services, government is confident that a great number of students would be able to reach university levels of education and other higher tertiary education and training. It is important that Fiji train its population to higher education levels so as to be able to use their knowledge to produce and create products from our own local resources for export commodities.
Furthermore, Government will work towards ensuring that all children in Fiji are taught the values of multiracialism and multiculturalism in schools so as to build up a united Fiji.

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