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December 31
12:00 2009

Written By : SUN FIJI NEWSROOM. The potential role and contribution of local government in Fiji’s urban process is very vital as over sixty per cent (60%) of our national population live and work in urban areas.This is important at local level and significant too in national governance in terms of addressing economic and social activities and needs.
At the beginning of the year Special Administrators were appointed to replace elected councils in administering the operations of our cities and towns. Improvements to enhance the operations of the council commenced from around mid year by the Ministry of Local Government.
Further improvements in their operations and institutional strengthening will continue in 2010 to enable councils to contribute effectively in facilitating economic growth and social well being.
New large investment projects approved this year are the Integrated Master Plan for Fiji Resort Ltd at Natadola covering a total area of 378 hectares of land and the Sauniwaqa Master Plan in Nakasi with a total development area of 342 hectares.
Subdivision approvals for hotel developments were also approved and work on these projects will continue in the New Year to facilitate investment projects.
Squatter upgrading works and relocation to new areas progressed well this year with the relocation of families at Tacirua East for the Housing Authority Tacirua East Stage 2 subdivision Upgrading works on three settlements progressed this year with an expected 200 families to benefit.
These will be fully completed in the first quarter of next year and will enable occupants to have secure tenure and improve their homes and living standards.
Three new projects have been identified for next year with the overall aim of reducing and upgrading informal settlements.
Sustainable environment is an important outcome in the Roadmap and the Department of Environment has closely monitored and implements the Environment Management Act for all developments undertaken.
Minimizing waste and implementation of solid waste strategies were in progress this year and will continue next year.
This also covered the issue of waste permits to industrial and business owners in the Central Division next year. As part of the international measures on climate change work on Carbon Trading commenced and in progress this year and will continue next year.
The review of the present Climate Change Policy Framework will also be undertaken to reflect the resolutions of the Copenhagen Meeting.
Of particular interest are the measures that our government will adopt to address climate change and how it can contribute and assist our other vulnerable island nations.

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