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September 14
10:07 2012

Applications are invited for the following vacancies within the iTaukei Affairs Board;
1. Senior Assistant Roko Tui (3 posts)
The Senior Assistant Roko Tui is responsible to the Roko Tui for the administration and
fi nancial support services of the Provincial Council to ensure the effective and effi cient use
of the Council’s resources and its general compliance with the statutory and administrative
Duties of the Post:
The Senior Assistant Roko Tui will be responsible for:
i). Planning – Ensure the formulation of the village, Tikina and Provincial Development Plans,
Entity Management and Individual Work Plans. Supervise the formation, maintenance and
update of the Provincial Council database.
ii). Supervision of Staff – To ensure that annual work programs of the Council are met and
books of account are accurate and produced promptly .
iii). Monitoring and Reporting – Receives monthly reports of the Assistant Roko, Provincial
Treasures and other support staff and prepares the council’s Quarterly Achievement
Report for approval by Roko Tui.
Ensures the preparation and presentation of Tikina Council Quarterly Report to the Tikina
Council and preparation of the Annual Reports of the Provincial and Tikina Council.
iv). Sound Entity Management – Responsible for the accurate and timely processing
of personnel matters; statutory compliance and proper maintenance and custody of
Provincial Council assets.
v). Deputise for RokoTui – It’s able to perform the duties and responsibilities of the Roko Tui.
Qualifi cation & Experience:
A person between the age of 30 – 40, possessing a University Degree in Economics/
Community Development/Accounting or related fi eld with at least 3 years of relevant
experience. OR a person with at least 10 years of relevant experience with proven success
record of achievement, with ability to communicate effectively with staff at all levels and with
other organizations, fl uency in Fijian language and good command of the English language.
Working knowledge of computer is also required.
Salary: SSO3: $20,945.00 – $28,522.00
2. Assistant Roko Tui Nadroga/Navosa (1 post)
Provide watching brief to the Roko Tui on the good governance and well being of the iTaukei
in his area of operation. Provide expert advice, guidance and support to Tikina and Village
Councils to help address the social and economic needs of iTaukei in the areas under his
Key Tasks:
1. Secretary and Treasurer to the Tikina Council;
2. Implement resolution of Tikina Councils;
3. Initiate/ implements Tikina development projects;
4. Attend to correspondence, enquiries and mediate in disputes;
5. Assist Government teams in implementation of development works;
6. Collects Tikina and Provincial revenue and coordinate provincial fund drive;
7. Facilitate delivery of rural Training programmes;
8. Perform other duties that Roko Tui may assign from time to time.
Qualifi cations:
A Diploma in Management & Public Administration, Business Administration or equivalent from
a recognised institution with at least 3 years relevant experience. Demonstrated knowledge
of good management practice including planning, budgeting and supervision. Must be able to
communicate effectively with rural communities and coordinate efforts of development players
in the fi eld. Must be fl uent in Fijian with a good command of the English language.
A mature person between the age of 30 to 45, with a pass in Form Seven examination or
equivalent experience in general administrative and accounting work. A sound knowledge of
Fijian culture and tradition is essential; computer literacy would be an advantage.
Salary: SS04: $16, 160. 00 – $21,899. 00
3. Kadavu Conservation Project Offi cer (1 post)
The Conservation Project Offi cer is responsible to Roko Tui Kadavu in coordinating sustainable
management of all natural resources (Ridge to reef) and the Wellbeing of the people of
Kadavu Province.The appointee shall work in collaboration with all donor agencies supporting
sustainable management of natural resources and conservation programs currently being
implemented on the island of Kadavu and line Ministries supporting such program.
Key Tasks:
The Project Offi cer shall always work according to the mandate of the Kadavu Provincial Council
and the iTaukei Affairs Board on conserving its resources through sustainable environment and
conservation managemnet, acts as the focal point for the people of the Kadavu Province on
all environmentally related issues, conduct and the raise Environmental Awareness Programs
within the Kadavu Province, provide expert advice to Roko Tui Kadavu and clients visiting
the Provincial Offi ce on the best environmetal practice, provide a healthy link between the
Kadavu Provincial Council to the existing community representatives on conservation of their
resources (Marine Protected Areas etc) government agencies (Dept of Environment, Forestry,
Fisheries, Lands and Mineral Resources, NGOs and other stakeholders, conduct basic EIA
Studies for both social and commercial projects within the Kadavu Province, assist the Roko
Tui in his monitoring role on the implementation of the Environmental Management Act
(EMA), prepare Project Proposals to secure funds from fundings sources, assist the Kadavu
Provincial Council in its Resource Audit Program (Village Profi ling/Turaga ni Koro Report) and
cooperate with the implementation of conservation and environmental program coordinator at
the iTaukei Affairs Board.
Qualifi cation:
A degree in Environmental Studies/Environmental Science or equivalent from a recognized
institution with very good communication skills and computer literacy.
Ability to interact and maintain effective communication with other government agencies and
conservation groups supporting the conservation and rehabilitation projects in Kadavu. Ability
to develop and write project proposal and report writing would be an advantage.
Annual Salary: $13,000
4. Administration Offi cer Training (1 post)
The Administration Offi cer, Staff Training is responsible to the Manager Training to evaluate
and ensure the organizational performance, management, approaches, systems, processes
and the effective allocation of resources to achieve specifi c target output of the Training
Key Tasks:
The offi cer must be able to perform the following principle accountabilities:
a) Coordinate staff training.
Facilitate and provide logistic support for staff training workshop for the TAB as stipulated
in the Training Plan.
b) Proper record management on training.
Facilitate and coordinate Training Needs Survey, Analyses and update of staff records and
updating of professional profi les.
c) Implement Quality Control Circles in the TAB.
Facilitate and coordinate training to sustain quality control circles thereby improving and
driving changes within Taukei Affairs Board.
d) Coordinate And Facilitate The Implementation of the Service Excellence at TAB and
Facilitate and coordinate training workshops on Service Excellence for TAB and Provincial
Offi ces.
e) Prepare Training Workshop, Acquittal Report And Implementation
Facilitate and prepare reports on: training workshop and fi nancial acquittal of completed
training programs.
f) Reporting Requirement
Facilitate and submit monthly and annual reports.
g) Knowledge and Skills
Knowledge of legislations:-ITaukei Affairs Act and its Regulations: ITaukei Affairs Board,
Provincial Council Standing Orders, and MIA Good Governance Framework, Quality
Control and Service Excellence Framework.
Qualifi cation:
A person between 25 – 40 years, possessing a university degree in economics/community
development with at least 3 years of relevant experience OR an offi cer with proved success
record of achievement, attainment and excellence.
Must have successfully completed the Training of Trainers modules 1 – 4 with National Training
and Productivity Centre of the Fiji National University. Ability to communicate effectively with
staff at all levels and with other organizations, fl uency in Fijian and good command of the
English language and computer literacy are essential.
Salary: SSO3: $20,945.00 – $28,522.00
5. Provincial Treasurer (2 posts)
– To facilitate in the preparation of an Annual Budget which when approved will give the legal
basis for the Council to utilize funds, prepare and maintain all accounting records at the
Provincial Council on a daily basis, including submission of investment proposals, as well
as safeguard all assets, property and stores through compliance with the requirements of
the Accounting Manual as well as all statutory requirements
Key Tasks:
i) Budget Preparation
Facilitates the preparation of the Annual Budget to be presented to the Council and the
Board before submission to the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs for its funding submission to the
Ministry of Finance for the following year.
ii) Provision of Financial Services
Provides the Roko Tui on a daily basis a certifi ed cash book balance as extracted from the
Cash Payments and Receipts Statement so as to allow the processing of payments for the
purchase of goods and services and the receipting of monies in the form of rates, grants,
deposits from the public and repayment of advances for expenses and/or loans.

iii) Submission of Financial Reports
Updates Cash Payments & Receipts on a daily basis.
Updates on a weekly basis ledgers for revenue/expenses, assets/liabilities and subsidiary
ledgers for loans/advances and the Provincial Rates Register.
Provides a monthly bank reconciliation statement and compiles a Bi-Monthly report of a
Provincial Council Checklist to be signed by the Roko Tui for dispatch to the PCA.
Prepares a monthly account of Income and Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet
reconciled with the Accountant PCA.
Facilitates the preparation of the annual account by providing Accountant PCA including all
relevant documents from the bank, investment companies and other fi nancial institutions.
iv) Conduct of a Board of Survey
Ensures the safe custody of all assets and stores by maintaining an updated Assets
Register and assisting with the conduct of an annual Board of Survey.
Qualifi cation:
An undergraduate Degree in Accounting/Finance/Commerce from an accredited University.
Appointee must have relevant experience in an accounting environment. A pass in Government
Exams, H1, H2 and U, along with Government accounting system experience and MS Offi ce
skills would be an advantage. The incumbent must be a team player and capable of meeting
strict deadlines.
Salary: ACO4: $18,218.00 – $25,063.00
6. Clerical Offi cer Stationery. (1 post)
Ensure proper management and safe custody of the iTaukei Affairs Board Stationeries.
Key Tasks:
1. Updating Stationery Ledger Cards.
2. Balancing stock against Stationery Ledgers Cards.
3. Inform immediate supervisor on balance of stock
4. Issue Stationery Issue Memo (SIM) on all approved request
5. Carry out request for purchasing of stationeries
Qualifi cation:
A Diploma in Business /Management studies with a pass in Form 7 or equivalent. Computing
skill is desirable.
Salary: SS05: $8,092 – $15,503
7. Clerical Offi cer Investment and Debt Recovery. (I post)
The purpose of this position is to provide support services to the Senior Account Offi cer
Investment and Debt Recovery and ensures the smooth operation of all services within the
Key Tasks:
1. Update Debtors fi les against accounts
2. Update immediate supervisors with debtors list on a monthly basis.
3. Carry out assessment and recommendations on Debtors accounts
Qualifi cation:
A Diploma in Accounting/Business studies with a pass in Form 7 or equivalent. Computing
skill is desirable.
Salary: SS05: $8,092 – $15,503
8. Clerical Offi cer Namata. (1 post)
The purpose of this position is to provide support services to the Admin Offi cer Namata and
ensures the smooth operation of all services within the Unit.
Key Tasks:
1. Compilation of stories for the Na Mata Magazine; Receive draft documents, input them
and forward draft for editing to AO Na Mata, correct draft and print fi nal copy. Time
frame: Every 1st & 2nd month of the quarter; Final draft 3rd & 4th week of the week. Due
date as formalized by Supervisor.
2. Administration Work (Communication/Liaison): Attend to all enquiries and telephone calls;
attend to all correspondences; Typing of Minutes as required by Supervisor; Filing Work;
and attend to any meeting with Government Media Liaison Offi cers
3. Receiving and Sending of all Media Releases from Ministry of Information to all Provincial
Offi ces and iTaukei Affairs Board staff email addresses.
4. Data Entry of all information: Typing of stories and other report that is needed by
5. Recording of the Lalakai Programme every Wednesdays or Thursday of the week.
6. Manage Telephone Communication: Receive Calls, Inquire into the nature of business,
transfer calls to appropriate offi cer, Take messages for AO Na Mata if not in the offi ce;
7. Process Attendance Return: Obtain attendance return and the leave form from HRM;
extract information from the register and input into the AR form before forwarding to HRM.
8. Order stationary requirements: Place order at CFT for stationary for the Na Mata Unit;
Maintain all stationeries; issue stationery as and when required.
9. Assist AO Na Mata for the write-up of the Na Mata article and other responsibilities required
by AO Na Mata to be perform
Qualifi cation:
A Diploma in Secretarial Studies/Management studies or a pass in Form 7 or equivalent.
Computing skill is desirable.
Salary: SS05: $8,092 – $15,503
9. Clerical Offi cer Provincial Services Division. (1 post)
The purpose of this position is to provide support services to the Admin Offi cer Provincial
Services Division and ensures the smooth operation of all services within the Unit.
Key Tasks:
1. To collate all the Turaga ni Koro quarterly report from all the 1171 villages in the 14
2. To enter each Turaga ni Koro report into the database for storage and analysis.
3. To extract an update on social indicators on the well being of the iTaukei people in villages.
4. Liaise with the TAB IT Offi cer on the update of the websites, servicing, repairs of offi ce
computers, monthly updates of antivirus and troubleshooting with relevant service
5. Prepares and submits to the Administration Offi cer the weekly, monthly, quarterly and
annual report for the Provincial Services.
6. To facilitate the development of the Roko Tui Quarterly workshop programs and the
collation of workshop papers.
7. Assist in preparation of Attendance Returns and its submission to the Manager Provincial
Services for approval.
Qualifi cation:
A Diploma in Management and Public Administration or Business Studies with a pass in Form
7 or equivalent. Computing skill is desirable.
Salary: SS05: $8,092 – $15,503
10. Clerical Offi cer Personnel. (1 post)
The purpose of this position is to provide support services to the Admin Offi cer Personnel and
ensures the smooth operation of all services within the Personnel Unit.
Key Tasks:
1. Implement Standing Orders;
Receive, record and process personnel cases for established and unestablished staff in a
timely manner.
2. Preparation of Staff Board Papers;
Identify Staff Board cases and assist the Administration Offi cer in the preparation of Staff
Board papers, meeting folders and in implementing Staff Board resolutions;
3. Data Maintenance;
Establish and maintain the human resource database for TAB and Provincial Council
Offi cers.
4. Establishing Work Targets;
Review Individual Work Plan and Position Description. Identify and implement annual,
quarterly, monthly, weekly work targets.
5. Reporting Requirements;
Prepares and submits to the Administration Offi cer the weekly, monthly, quarterly and
annual report on cases processed.
6. Meetings;
Attends monthly meetings of the Personnel section and all meetings called by his
Supervising Offi cer.
Qualifi cation:
A Diploma in Management Public Administration or Economics with a pass in Form 7 or
equivalent. Computing skill is desirable.
Salary: SS05: $8,092 – $15,503
11. Driver. (1 post)
Ensure proper management and safe custody of the iTaukei Affairs Board Vehicles
Key Tasks:
1. Receive Daily instruction from Supervising Offi cer.
2. Monitor vehicle maintenance.
3. Monitor the Servicing of vehicles
4. Make sure vehicle is LTA Compliance.
5. Understand TAB Transport Rules and Regulation.
Qualifi cation:
A pass in Fiji Junior Certifi cate and at least fi ve (5) years driving experience.
This position requires interested person with clean driving record and must have a valid
Defensive Driving Course Certifi cate. Previous experiences in driving with Government
Departments and other international organization will be an advantage. A strong sense of
initiative, responsibility and willingness to work as a team is an essential requirement.
Wages will be paid at the rate of $3.96 per hour and the person will be required to work 44
hours per week.
Written applications with supporting documents should be sent to the address:
Chief Executive Offi cer iTaukei Affairs Board
P.O. Box 2100
ITaukei Trust Fund Board Complex
87 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Draiba
CLOSING DATE: Applications close on 05/10/2012.

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