Letters to the Editor – 31-12-2013

Police programme Mikaele Leawere Suva Allow me to commend the Fiji Police Force for their Officer Cadet Scheme which, I believe, is a new programme introduced at the academy. With
31 Dec 2013 08:30

Police programme

Mikaele Leawere

Allow me to commend the Fiji Police Force for their Officer Cadet Scheme which, I believe, is a new programme introduced at the academy.
With these new groups, the Commissioner will have a fresh batch who are well equipped in terms of their qualifications and special training they will have to go through in the next six months or more.
The Force will have a lot to gain from this bold initiative and the public will expect a continuation of this programme.
Just a suggestion, these breed of new cadet officers who will be placed in police stations should be monitored to ensure the programme’s success and its continuity.
I am sure they will live up to the Force’s expectations of ‘Salus Populi’ and we should be proud of them as we hope to see more cadet training in the future.
Thank you Acting Police Commissioner Ravi Narayan, ACP Rusiate Tudravu and the brains behind this bold move.
Please carry on because you are doing excellently well.
I wish you all a successful 2014!

What a year!

Waisale Ramoce
January came, we were still trying to come to terms with the aftermath of the 2012 flood.
Then it was February when the attention was focused on getting back to school with new books, shoes, scholarships and settling down with work.
By March we were already hyped into the spirit of Easter, that in April we thought we were fooled, but it proved otherwise, when the Ghai’s draft constitution was considered null and void. May noted some economic progress in the sugar and tourism industry when June settled in with the voter registration preparations that were to be implemented in July.
The month of August seemed to have wiped some bitter memories with moments of frolicking and festivities in the Hibiscus Festival, school breaks and carnivals around the country. September stamped its mark when the Constitution was assented by the President.
By middle October the westerners had prominence in Fiji’s sporting arena by winning the two prestigious rugby trophies, in athletics and soccer.
We were so engrossed that November skipped past bringing with it joyous celebration of our rugby league success and a sweet victory in Dubai for our national 7s team.
Now that we are only hours away from saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming  2014, I pay tribute to those who couldn’t make it this far, and for us who will be welcoming the new year let’s make those differences that will shape the new year to be what we want  it to be  for our family and for  our nation.
Happy New Year great people! To 2013 – You rock! Moce Mada! Nice ga re!


Wise Muavono
New Year’s Day is when most people tend to make one resolution or another.
The problem is that they are so easy to make and so easy to break.
Some people want to lose weight, some want to have a closer walk with God and still others want to make or save more money, but no matter the resolution many of us never make it through the first day, while others may walk it out for a few days but fail to make it through the entire year.
Remember, to follow through on your New Year’s resolution you have to commit and evolve rather than resolve.
By the way, instead of waiting for that magical date of January 1 to roll around, why don’t you just do it now.
As for me, my New Year’s resolution has already started and that is to become a better person, spiritually, mentally and physically.
I also intend to judge people less, starting now.
This goes out to the guy who I saw turning onto the main road holding a cell phone in one hand and cigarette in the other, and I can only imagine him steering the car with his knee caps.
The old Wise might have cursed you under his breath, but the new Wise says: “Kudos, talented guy. Kudos.” Oh, and “please don’t kill anyone.”
Happy New Year to you all and may 2014 be a 12 month of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of success, 8760 hours good health, 52600 minutes of good luck and 3153600 seconds of joy.

Year ending!

Kirti Patel
Now that we have reached the last day of 2013, I would like to thank all the writers and readers. Throughout this year we had many topics discussed which were very helpful, educational and at times topics which made one wonder.
A special thank you goes to the newspapers and hard-working editors for publishing these letters. I hope we all can pause for a while and look back on what we have learned from 2013, which can be helpful in years to come.
It’s time to reflect on the good things and forget the bad or negative things.
While everyone will be in the party mood, please do not forget the most paramount issue – safety. I hope everyone enjoys to the maximum, while staying safe.
I wish all the writers and everyone reading this a very happy New Year.
2014, we are ready and waiting.

Sweet start

Dewan Chand
The announcement by the Government that the first sugar refining mill will be established in Labasa is the sweetest New Year gift for the people of Labasa and all those stakeholders in the sugar industry.
This is yet another first for the Bainimarama-led Government.
The sugar industry was once the back-bone of the economy of Fiji.
It lost its grip because of a number of locals and international factors like the end of preferential sugar prices and competition on the world sugar market.
Locally the politics of the sugar industry and the use of land as a political tool greatly affected the industry.
Some gleefully hoped that it will collapse and bring the sugar industry to its knees.
But the Government of the day has brought in expertise, new technology and pumped in substantial funds to revamp and revitalise the industry.
An amicable solution to the land lease problem has been found and farmers feel confident to remain on the land and continue with cane farming.
Mechanisation of farms and easing the fertiliser cost factor has also helped.
I assume the logistics of establishing the sugar refining mill at Labasa has already been worked out.
The Chinese team is currently in Fiji looking at all the options available to ensure that it is a viable initiative.
The Government has already found a market for the refined sugar in the Middle East. This is a huge achievement for Fiji.
The Bible says: “Knock and the door shall open”. Yes, Fiji has knocked on many doors and these doors have been readily opening to provide new opportunities in the economic sector.
On this note I am happy to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Sugar refinery

Ravind Chandra Naidu

The establishment of a sugar refinery factory would be of enormous benefit to the Northern Division and national economy.
It would create much needed employment opportunities for our young school leavers.
The construction of the deep seaport at Naduri, Macuata, would provide added advantage in terms of economic enhancement and foreign exchange earnings.
The Government must be commended for playing its role in “Look North Policy”. The private sector should follow suit.
The Fiji National University is on the move with their new complex under construction.
Damodar Cinemas has plans in the pipeline for a major investment in the New Year.
How about some garment and mineral water factories? Investment in these areas would spur the economic growth to unprecedented heights.
We trust the tax incentives offered by the State would entice potential investors to invest in these areas.
Let us all be optimistic for the new-year and beyond.

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