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Preference issues sorted with cane lorry drivers

August 16
18:58 2014

A group of lorry drivers have thanked the Fiji Sugar Corporation for giving more preferences to lorry drivers which will avoid them for waiting in longer queues.

The issue was that more rail trucks were being offloaded leaving around 49 lorry drivers waiting in the queue since 12.30am on Thursday.

The lorry drivers raised their concerns that less preferences were given to cane lorries to offload the harvested sugar cane at Rarawai Mill, Ba in the early hours of Thursday.

FSC executive chairman, Abdul Khan, said the issue faced by lorry drivers was that more cane brought by rail was offloaded than cane lorries.

“The main issue seems to be how we schedule between the rails and the lorries,’’ he said.

“Some of the drivers thought there was some biasness, maybe we were emptying more rails than lorries.”

Mr Khan met with the cane lorry drivers and explained the ratio FSC uses for harvested sugar cane offloading.

“What we tried to explain to them was that the ratio between lorries and rails is about 25 per cent to 75 per cent,” he said.

“We need to keep that ratio so we can get the rails back out to the farmers that fill rails and at the same time make sure the lorry drivers go back home to their families.”

Mr Khan said the ration of offloading between the rails and the cane lorries will remain the same but will ensure more preference is given to the lorry drivers.

Meanwhile, cane lorry drivers thanked FSC for the improved efficiency of the mill since the opening of the mill two months ago.



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