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Hands On With Epson’s Laser Projectors

Hands On With Epson’s Laser Projectors
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September 13
09:55 2014

The Epson new high-end LS10000 and LS9600e projectors will use lasers reflecting off something that’s not quite unlike LCOS, to create a massive image on your screen.

Boasting 1,500 and 1,300 lumens respectively, a potentially huge contrast ratio, motorized lens shift (with memory), and more, they represent a big step up from the Epson projectors of yore (yore being last year).


The three main projector types are DLP, LCD, and LCOS. The LS10000/LS9600e use a variant of LCOS Epson is calling 3LCD Reflective, which is Liquid Crystal on Quartz.

Check out how LCOS works to get a general idea about 3LCD Reflective.

The short version, potentially higher contrast ratios, and improved pixel density, over LCD.

Both the LS10000 and 9600 use two blue lasers to create light, instead of the traditional UHP lamp. One blue laser creates the blue light (obviously).

The other blue laser hits a yellow phosphor, which is then split to create red and green (yellow being a mix of red and green).


There are many benefits to using lasers. Instant off and quick on are great, letting the projector work more like a TV.

Easier to cool is a huge bonus, meaning the projector can be really quiet (not something Epson has excelled at in the past).



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