Marketing Campaign For Nunuku Ocean Estates Begins

The international marketing campaign for the Nanuku Ocean Estates in the Pacific Harbour has begun. The focus of this campaign is on customers from Australia, New Zealand, United States, and
13 Sep 2014 10:51
Marketing Campaign For Nunuku Ocean Estates Begins
Siliveni Nawai lines up Sebastian Singh at Prince Charles Park in Nadi on June 30, 2019.

The international marketing campaign for the Nanuku Ocean Estates in the Pacific Harbour has begun.

The focus of this campaign is on customers from Australia, New Zealand, United States, and China as well as the local Fijian moneyed market.

This first phase has been divided up into 37 lots which are up for sale.

The Real Estate Sales director of Nanuku Ocean Estates, Sean McLaughlin, said they are using a multi-pronged approach to reach their customers.

Mr McLaughlin said: “You will see a host of new billboards from Nadi to Suva that showcase the resort and newly-marketed homesites.

“We are employing direct mail, email, and print media campaigns.  We rebuilt our website to have a real estate presence to go along with the resort.

“We have an incredible discovery visit package for clients interested in real estate and who want to stay at the resort to better understand the offering.

“We also have a partnership with Bayleys to help us with local marketing and reaching clients in New Zealand and are identifying other partnerships in additional markets.”

Target markets

While the target markets overseas are Australia, New Zealand, United States, and China, based upon the high level of interest locally, the developers believe Nanuku is also a perfect fit for moneyed Fijians.

“We believe our customers will be primarily interested in holiday homes to be shared with friends and family,” Mr McLaughlin said.

“However, we also know there is a market of customers, both currently living in Fiji as well as abroad, who are looking for their perfect primary home on the beach.

“Additionally, we expect some clients will be looking for a trouble-free investment, managed by the resort, which can provide a good return and a home for holidays.

“Although each of these clients has a different goal, we believe Nanuku Ocean Estates can fit their objectives.”

The sale of lots

The question in everyone’s mind would be when they would be able to reserve or buy the lots.

Mr McLaughlin said they are finalising all the disclosures, which include their body corporate documents, architectural guidelines, and property management information.

“We have all the titles for the freehold property so nothing will hold us up when the disclosures are complete,” he said.

“That means we are able to take reservations, or expressions of interest, from customers as of now.

“These potential owners would be in the front of the line when we release the first phase of lots soon.

“We are excited to see the increase in interest as our marketing starts to reach customers and they contact us to visit Nanuku to see and experience it for themselves.”


The other tingling question in many people’s mind would be when they would be able to construct on the site which they purchase.

To this, Mr McLaughlin said the infrastructure is complete.

“A client could build a home as soon as they settle on their property and receive approval from the Architectural Review Board and the local building authorities,” he said.

But, in order to protect their customers’ investment, they are developing design guidelines for the homes in this gated private community.

“We want the overall community to be very high quality and cohesive as it builds out,” he said.

“Our primary goals will be to maintain a certain standard for exterior materials of the homes, indigenous colors for those materials and size of the structures.

“As well as how much of the land can be used to build on, privacy protections between neighbors, preservation of the natural amenities (beach, trees, etc.) and high level maintenance of the neighborhood as it ages.”

Mr McLaughlin said they have partnered with Grounds Kent Architects, an internationally-renowned architectural firm, which is assisting them in all building phases of the project.

“They are working with us to finalise the architectural guidelines to ensure the community will have world class home designs,” he said.

“Additionally, they are designing home plans that we will offer as a turnkey home/lot package for customers who prefer not to design and build a home from scratch.”



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