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Leaking On Empty

September 22
10:34 2014

Not much can be expected out of FijiLeaks, a discredited blogsite run by an ex-journalist from the other side of the world.

But just to set the record straight. When he posted a picture of Adi Ela Sayed-Khaiyum at the tally centre and questioned why she was there since she was married to the Attorney-General and a candidate, he should have very well noted this. A certain Sainiana Radrodro too was at the very same place.

Last time I checked she was still married to Aseri Radrodro, who was a SODELPA candidate in this election. But then that’s the problem when you are far away. You are out of touch.

Jyoti-PratibhaA TIME TO CLEAN UP

Still on elections and its drama. It would do the SODELPA hierarchy well to have a chat with their youth representative Pita Waqavonovono. Let’s just say a shave and deodorant goes a long way.


Well, well… jumping ship already? A certain wannabe journo from a very old outfit was noted openly seeking employment at the Ministry of Information.

He was all about playing victim and selling the story that he was being used by his current employers. Did someone say chameleon?



Where is the once vocal Nirmal Singh these days? Licking his wounds? Not very vocal now are we?

And any SODELPANs out there who still think that majority rural iTaukei votes went to their beloved SODELPA are in dire need of a reality check.


It’s funny how in recent time Mahendra Chaudhry was always pictured with Ben Padarath standing guard like a loyal dog in the background. What do these two have in common?

Oh that’s right, being involved in  death and driving cases.


Now that we have true democracy that everyone was crying for, can those Fijians living overseas supposedly “fearing” for their lives be sent back? We’re looking at you Kenneth Zinck and co.




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