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Politics in doubt for losers Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu As the election and its results are now completed ,we should forget them now and move on with our daily lives. The successful
25 Sep 2014 09:13

Politics in doubt for losers

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

As the election and its results are now completed ,we should forget them now and move on with our daily lives. The successful candidates are preparing themselves for their parliament sessions and we congratulate them for that .

What we expect from them only time will tell and as they have promised we will see if they deliver.

Old and unsuccessful politicians should make room for new blood. Mahendra Chaudhry is thinking of disciplining the members of his party who have been verbally accusing him for the downfall of the Labour Party, is making it worse for all the dedicated members of their future with the party.

For Mick Beddoes who compared Bainimarama to Goliath in one of his  political campaign speeches that Goliath talked to much . Who has the last laugh now? These politicians seem to rise during elections and suddenly fade away when it is over .The media should not approach them for comments because they will be negative in what they say.

Flag of unity

Jitendra Prasad, Tavua

I refer to gathering of Fiji- First after they won, It was very nice to see they had prayers in all major religions (Christain , Muslim ,Sanatan etc) of Fiji. This signifies the inner feelings of our own people. Its not the money, pleasure , caste or colour but its humanity , love and caring. Before I was thinking negative about our country but looking at current track , we can assume a better , economical and friendly country in the world.

Never mind we are just a dot in world map but our flag of unity will always be on the air. God bless our country in moving smoothly

Public lawmaking

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

Now that Parliament will be sitting soon, it’s good to know that it will conduct its business of lawmaking in an open manner.

I don’t know how it will  hold parlimentary sitting in public as specified in section 72(1)(a)(b) but certainly there will be public participation in the lawmaking of this country.

Will this mean having parlimentary meetings in markets, provincial and tikina meetings unless the speaker says otherwise according to section 72(2) of the Constitution?

One for the Opposition

Allen Lokington, Nadi

Before I start I wish to thank the FijiFirst Party and the supporters. Wananavu.

Here are a few points for the Opposition.

1. Go in with an open mind.

2. I know that there have been some questionable things that happened in the recent past, so don’t take things personally in parliament.

3. Be positive and a good opposition.

4. Talk about issues and not people.

5. You will have some items on your manifesto that mirrors the FijiFirst’s manifesto, check them out and work with them to see it gets delivered.

6. I had mentioned that some “white goods” (which were considered luxury goods and carry high duty rates) are no longer luxuries but necessities. Try and work with the FF party and bring down the duty.

7. Please remember your manifesto, so please try and deliver that to the people you promised.

8. Try and refuse flashy dark tinted expensive government vehicles. If you have your own, drive it to work and don’t claim for fuel or mileage.

9. When you drive past the people, look around and wave.

10. And never, I repeat, never take things personally because you were once hurt by some people.

11. Be role models and not like the parliaments of old where people would heckle each other like idiots. Parliament is an august house not a circus.

Anyway, if you are curious, yes I am a FijiFirst supporter, and I’m not a YES man.

To benefit all

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

The nation has spoken. I believe, that we can as a nation resolve a proper balance between social justice and personal freedoms with responsibility. Thus employing true leadership borne of imagination, Fijian ingenuity and framed by a refocus on our most deeply held, most authentic common values.

I have no doubt Frank, that many around you might be blind to this and see only their own point of view. They seem unwilling to compromise, yet willing to protect for gain. It is for the rest of us, sir, that you have to lead us beyond these false binaries, with imagination, vision, selflessness and a spirit of compromise and reconciliation to benefit all.

Peace and blessings to the FijiFirst movement.

Election results

Sukha Singh, Labasa

I thought this election would favour the well known candidates but one of my friends and a regular writer, Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, did not fare so well.

Anyway, congratulations to FijiFirst, SODELPA and NFP for making it to Parliament.

Secular state

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Kirti Patel needs to wake up and read my opinion again. Fiji is a secular state period. But will always be perceived as a Christian state in the eyes of tourists and the world if Christians continue to be the majority population.

Our national teams playing in the world stage watched by millions testify of this truth when they huddle to give thanks in prayer and sing to God.

One has to be an iTaukei Christian to understand the context of where my opinion is coming from taking into consideration all that has happened in the past including some divisive political campaigns made before the elections.

Something better

Osea Sivo Naisau, Ba

Though the individual I voted for fell short of the mark for a parliamentary seat. FijiFirst’s landslide victory has clearly shown that the citizens of this country badly need changes. After more than three decades of a political roller coaster ride the people had collectively spoken through their vote.

An about turn is the only viable option if we are to rise above the trauma and stress of our political past.

Congratulations to Mr Voreqe Bainimarama and his party candidates for their resounding victory in the election. Hopefully with the democratic system of parliament back in place, we the citizens of this country will collectively strive for a noble cause.

That will show the world that we have learned a lesson and have grown and made stronger by the experience. Though painful as it was life’s school of hard knocks will always bring about the best. Depending on one’s point of view for the better or the opposite. Let’s strive for something better.


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