PM: Old Days Of Certain Elites Over

The old days of certain elites getting more than their fair share of the national cake are over, says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. Speaking at Vunisea, Kadavu, during the opening
20 Feb 2015 09:24

The old days of certain elites getting more than their fair share of the national cake are over, says Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Speaking at Vunisea, Kadavu, during the opening of the new Kadavu Provincial Council office he said: “The FijiFirst Government stands for total transparency and accountability.

“I will not tolerate any corruption whatsoever at the national level and I will not tolerate any corruption at the provincial and district levels,” the Prime Minister said.

“We insist on being accountable to the people we serve and to use our resources wisely to provide them with the best possible services. So I urge you all in Kadavu to follow the example we are setting.

“Seven years ago, we set up a leadership and management programme here in Kadavu for members of the provincial council, the district councils and the village headmen in the districts of Sanima and Nakasaleka.

“To date, all 14 members of your provincial council and 187 members of your district councils have undergone this training. And there is a plan to extend this programme to all the villages in Kadavu this year,” he said.

“Through these workshops, we are passing on the skills our traditional leaders need to properly look after the interests of those they serve. So the people of Kadavu can now be more confident that they are being governed well and their interests are being soundly managed.

“The chiefs of Kadavu have been better equipped with the leadership skills they need to serve the people better. And we can already see the benefits of this improvement through a number of important decisions.

“These include the bans you have put on more than 50 of your fishing grounds in Kadavu to prevent over-fishing and maintain this important source of food for all. At the same time, you have introduced measures to protect your reefs for the benefit of your people now and for future generations.

“There is now a much better understanding of the link between development on land and its effect on our marine ecosystem. We have made everyone more aware that unless we make the correct decisions on land use and our sea resources, their future sustainability is threatened.

“As I do all over Fiji, I want to tell every person on Kadavu that the livelihood of everyone depends on us working as hard as we can to protect our resources. We owe it not only to ourselves, but to future generations not to squander these resources for short-term gain. Just as we owe it to ourselves and future generations to govern with wisdom and integrity.

“So I urge the chiefs and other leaders in the community to put the training we have given you to good use to continue to seek new and better ways to serve our people.”

He criticised the negative attitude of the Opposition in Parliament.

He said: “Rather than look to the future and the great opportunities that the Government is providing through such things as its education revolution, SODELPA keeps summoning up the past and preying on the fears of the iTaukei people about the security of their land and their way of life, even now the election is behind us.

“It is divisive. It is offensive. And it simply isn’t true. I repeat here today what I said before the election and at every opportunity I get when I meet the iTaukei community face to face. There is no threat to iTaukei – to our land, culture, institutions or religion.”

He said these Opposition members were trying to trick them into supporting them with their lies and their scare mongering.

“Do not listen to them. Turn your backs on their message of fear and division and embrace the future with confidence and in the knowledge that your position is protected and always will be.”



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