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Plan Your Shopping Trips

Plan Your Shopping Trips
Losalini Tuiloma at Rajendra Supermarket in Suva. Photos: Losalini Rasoqosoqo
May 01
10:57 2015

Sixty-eight year old Losalini Tuiloma travels all the way from Colo-i-Suva to do her family shopping at Suva’s central business district.

This has been a normal routine for her as she conducts her shopping on a fortnightly basis.

And what is surprising enough is the fact that she only does her grocery shopping at one supermarket, that is, at Rajendra Foodtown.

This is despite coming past a number of major supermarkets along the way.

When asked how long she has been shopping at this particular location, Mrs Tuiloma, who has forgotten the exact number of years, said it has been her shopping spot for the past 20 years.

“Yes, it is for more than 20 years. As soon as my daughter started working, I started to shop here at Rajendra and believe or not, this has been my only shopping spot for the past years,” Mrs Tuiloma.

Mrs Tuiloma was shopping yesterday with her granddaughter, also her namesake when Sun Shopper caught up with her.

“See, my granddaughter is 17-years-old. She wasn’t born yet when her mother started working for Customs and that’s when I began my shopping experience in here.”

Her reason is simple.

“This is the cheapest place. I find this place to sell goods at low prices compared to other supermarkets in town. I just heard from the others. Remember, I only shop here and I don’t look anywhere else,” Mrs Tuiloma said.

For a family of eight, shopping has to be done well in order to last until the next pay day.

“Like I told you, I shop every fortnight so I make sure that I don’t miss out on anything. I don’t want us to run out of things in between before the next pay day.”

“I just stay at home and it is my responsibility to look after the household and also in charge of the kitchen. This has been my job for the past forty years or so, ever since I got married and I knowing the food ration is just on the tip of my fingers.

“So after my husband, who is now over 70-years-old, retired from work, my kids took over in footing the bills and buying the food. They just give me the money and I do the shopping myself,” Mrs Tuiloma said.

And one thing she can’t go without while conducting her shopping is her shopping list.

“This is a ‘must have’ list for all shoppers out there. If you don’t want to miss out on items that have run out at home then you must have a list all the time.” She reminds all women to know their kitchen well and also their house because than only will they shop well, save time shopping and save at the same time.

She is also encouraging other shoppers to always shop during the week and not during the weekend to avoid any hassle. “I always do my shopping on Thursdays, Fridays because Saturdays are busy days and I don’t like it when the place is busy. I like to have my own space in order to enjoy shopping.”

Mrs Tuiloma also visits the market on Thursdays before doing her grocery shopping to stock up on their vegetables supplies.

From the supermarket, she catches a cab home.

“Another reason too why this place is just convenient is the availability of transport. The location is just right.”a


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