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What Impact Is Social Media Usage During Office Hours Having On Your Business?

What Impact Is Social Media Usage During Office Hours Having On Your Business?
Mark Mahoney Mindpeal, Commercial Director - Asia Pacific and Naziah Ali Cover Story Limited, MD and Publisher
May 16
09:16 2015

What is your business doing about it?

Mark Mahoney
Mindpeal, Commercial Director – Asia Pacific
Naziah Ali
Cover Story Limited,
MD and Publisher
Kalpana Reddy
Reddy Group of Companies, director
Mindpearl’s Fiji Contact Centre operation has over 650 staff today and employee engagement is very high in our order of priorities. We firmly believe motivated and engaged people are more productive people and social media is very much a part of everyday life these days.
Productivity is, of course, also of paramount importance and so striking the right balance when it comes to social media is the key. Mindpearl limits access to non-business critical sites within our contact centres to ensure we deliver a fully-focussed work force for our global clients. We provide free internet cafe access for all of our staff in our break out areas & cafe to enjoy their favourite social media sites during leisure time.
We also provide a gym, volleyball, pool table, table tennis and cable TV for those not wanting to stare at another computer screen during their time off. We even provide a free hot meal daily for all employees. Balance is very important to ensure we are looking after the well-being of our people.
Social media for our company is encouraged because it is one of the important mediums to share information from our end as well as to gather information/feedback from our audience or gather market intelligence. Our magazines have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube mainly to share information to our audience immediately and retain an online presence outside of our websites. We have had to adjust our work culture to allow social media during working hours because our audience are constantly on social media.
We have learnt that as a business you need to adapt to the changing behaviour of your audience provide your services in the format that is most accessible to them. Gone are the days when we would decide what, when and how information is shared to our audience.
Smart phones and fast speed internet in Fiji has altered the way we do business now I encourage my staff to have a LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts to keep up with the times as well to market ourselves.
Social media has eased the access to celebrities and personalities that we like to feature in our magazines as well as maintain a virtual relationship.
However, we limit the use of social media during working hours to work related activities. The lines are somewhat blurred because it is difficult to determine how much is really work and how much is just for personal networking. I usually judge this based on the effectiveness of each staff and their timely delivery of expected tasks.
Social media has become an important part of our business and our day to day lives. It’s become quiet integral in a sense that we come to embraces it the way the world is.
There was hesitation to begin with because we didn’t really understand the impact of it but had to move with the way of the changing times.
We have a policy on how we use social media within the group, thus our employees are aware of the guidelines. It’s amazing and has surprised us because we didn’t think the people of Fiji would have embraced it so warmly.
It’s very popular and it’s certainly responding to us in a very positive way. It has put our hotel group in a good position.This means there are a lot more enquires which is then converted to bookings so we certainly endorse the use of social media within controls.



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