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The Best Email App For Android

The Best Email App For Android
May 30
09:00 2015

If we all have one thing in common, it’s that we hate dealing with email.

Whether it’s personal or professional, it’s something we just can’t escape.

The best way to deal with email is still at the desktop, but mobile apps are catching up fast.

So which ones can help you get the closest to inbox zero nirvana?

Here are the top email app you must have on your android smartphones.


The Winner, Gmail

While Outlook is also pretty good on Android, it can’t beat how quick and simple Google’s native Gmail client is. It’s everything a native app should be!

Of all the places you can use Gmail, the mobile experience on Android might be the best.

This version of the Gmail app is beautifully simple in its design, and it’s also fast.

It’s probably not the fastest app on Android, but it’s fast enough.

Moving around the different sections of the app is easy, too, thanks to the left-rail sidebar that has become a core feature of all of Google’s apps.

Gmail could be better though; strangely enough, it doesn’t play as nicely with other Google services like apps that integrate calendaring or file storage.

There’s just no reason the Gmail app shouldn’t integrate things like Google Calendar and Google Drive without requiring you to bounce between multiple apps.

But Gmail is still the best option for the most people that have Android phones.

If you want capabilities, but are willing to give up performance and reliability for them, the other Android options are worth considering.


Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is only pretty good on Android, mostly because it’s a hair slower than Gmail, and the overall experience is just buggier than its iOS counterpart.

The Android version also strangely hides the access to things like calendar and file service access.

With a few updates and fixes it feels like it could be as good as the iOS version, but for now it’s just another option.


DropBox Mailbox

If you don’t want as many integrated services and want something simpler instead, Mailbox is your best bet.

It’s a sharp, clean-looking app that’s all about helping you get rid of all your inbox clutter without requiring too much effort.

But the genius of Mailbox is that it scales with the effort you do put in.

You can schedule messages or move them to a to-do list, or if you really don’t want to mess around much you can keep everything that’s starred or unread and archive the rest with just one tap.


Google inbox

In a few years Inbox might be the way we all prefer to treat email.

But for anyone who wants absolute control over all their email from multiple accounts, it still doesn’t feel right.

For that, Gmail is still a better option.

But the idea of one Google app that truly lets you tinker with all of its services is still a dream.

The app is avaiable on Google Play store. The app also does not cost anything.



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