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Vulakoro’s New Album Out Next Month

Vulakoro’s New Album Out Next Month
Vude Queen Laisa Vulakoro. Photo: Ronald Kumar
June 04
09:39 2015

Vude Queen Laisa Vulakoro is recording a new album mixing old and new.

This year she has teamed up with Procera Music Fiji to produce the album, which is due to be released next month.

The album has a collection of 12 songs.

“I’m recording at the moment with Procera and I’ve got a few boys that I’m using, boys who have played with me over the years,” Ms Vulakoro said.

“I’m very excited about getting back in the studio.”

She’s been busy writing new songs and redoing some of her old hits.

“I’ve got some young artists like Savuto and Sireli Mainavukea who will be singing each of my songs from the album,” Ms Vulakoro said.

One of her original songs, Bitu Kavoro, which she’s been singing live for about three years now but never recorded, will also be featured in the album.

“I’ve also got a song Uma Mai Tavale and I’ve also written a song about the wheelbarrow boys called Bili Bara and also a song titled Rosi Ni Lomai,” Ms Vulakoro said.

“I think now we have to go with the time, the times a changing, the taste of music is changing with the younger generation; we have to go with it where the market is.

“I still maintain my style that the older people know from 30 years ago at the same time I’ve incorporated some new beats for the younger generation.

She is also re-recording some old songs that were only recorded on tapes.

“I’ve put that out as well so that the young people will get to know of those songs,” Ms. Vulakoro said.

She is also working on a song that she was asked by the Ministry of Education to help motivate children to stay in school.

Ms Vulakoro currently lives and works in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

“I’m currently a judge for a show there called Vocal Fusion for EM TV; it’s like a smaller version of American Idol,” she said.

“I’ve done two seasons already. We fly around the provinces auditioning young talented people and we bring them in to Port Moresby.”




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