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Let’s Review AppLock

Let’s Review AppLock
The app serves its basic purpose and obviously lets you secure things. It doesn’t get better then that!
September 05
09:00 2015

Security, security, security! Is the top priority for anyone on their phone in this day and age.

Smartphones and tablets are meant to be personal but it’s common to have your device shared.

Many times people like to take your device and look at images, view videos, use the internet or play games.

But it can be a concern especially when you have personal information on the device like emails, passwords, bank details and so on.

The easiest way to secure your device is through the standard lock on the screen.  This feature allows you to open your phone before using the device.

However, is it really a great security? Anyone can mimic your password – it isn’t so hard to copy a pattern or pin.

There are some exceptions with the latest phones, where your need to scan your thumb in order to unlock the device.

But if you want to ensure your device is surely safe you can do so through downloading AppLock.

AppLock is an app which locks certain app on your device. Meaning you can set a lock password over your app.

You do not need internet to use the app but you will need it to download.


About AppLock

After some research online, I learnt the device was invented by DoMobile which is based in Hong Kong based.

DoMobile specialises in making applications for devices, manufacturing mobile phones and tablets.

AppLock is one of their most famous works. This app has over 10 million active users to date and growing.

So if you are a little paranoid or just wanting to take pre-caution this a great app to download to keep contains of your device secured.

So Happy Downloading!





Works without internet



Only one password for all apps

Premium upgrade is costly



The app serves its basic purpose and obviously lets you secure things. It doesn’t get better then that!

You can lock specific apps and not fear giving your device to other people to use.

But on the downside, it needs some polishing. The device still needs some bugs fixed.

It also needs to allows more than one password for different app just to be a little more safer.

However, considering it is free you can’t really ask for more. You get to secure your device; it’s simple to operate, there are various themes and some more things to look forward to!

Happy downloading!


Start up

Getting into the app is very simple! It cannot be stressed any more.

Once the device is downloaded you will need to select a password and it will sync on your email.

After that you will be taken to a privacy tab where a list of all the apps on your device will appear for selection.

From there you simple select which app you want to secure.

Once you select an app to lock it automatically uses the password you enter when starting up.

That’s it you’ve secured your apps!

However, if you wanted to ever change your password you can do so by selecting the protect tab.

Under this tab you can go to unlock settings and change the pin or switch to a pattern lock.



This feature is very interesting!

So on the home page under the privacy tab there are four other tabs. These include: Photo Vault, Video Vault, Profiles and more.

Under the photo and video vault you can select pictures from your galley and store them away safely.

It works like a dropbox! There is a plus button where you select images and video.

It is secure as well because in order to get to AppLock you will need unlock a password.



There are two profiles: guests and Unlock all

On the guest feature in the device, you can select the app you’d like secured when a guest is using your device.

Meaning you select the tab and choose which apps to secure and when someone else is using your device turn on to guest mode.

On the Unlock all tab, when you are using the device you can simply not lock any apps.

This feature is really convenient especially if your device is shared a lot.


Time Lock and Location Lock

These tabs are located under the More tab.

Time Lock:  It’s quite simply you time when you want your device secured!

What you need to do is set a timer and it automatically locks all the apps selected.

Location Lock: The location lock is powered from GPS. When you are at a certain place the device will go on secure mode automatically.

This feature can be very helpful when you get to a certain location and do not have the time to lock down your device.


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