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CORPORATE ADVICE: Recognising Your Mentor

CORPORATE ADVICE: Recognising Your Mentor
September 26
10:39 2015

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He spearheads SPANDAN CONSULTING and mainly focusses upon Training and Human Resource Development through ‘Specifically Designed Seminars and Conferences. He can be contacted via email:


Here’s a story to learn from…

The entire sales and service department was in joy. There was a party organised in the evening and plans were made to recognise Ronald for his achievements.

And it was well deserved too. Ronald had exceeded his annual sales target by a whopping 27 per cent, a feat that had never happened before in the organisation!

The time came, his name was announced. Ronald stood up and walked on to the stage to collect the ‘recognition award’ and as he accepted it, tears rolled down his eyes.

He gave a tight hug to his boss and whispered: “You made this possible for me Sir!!”

Others around wondered as to why Ronald got so emotional. Ronald requested to say a few words.


A life-changing situation

“I know you may be wondering why I got a bit emotional while receiving this award. Well, without my boss I couldn’t have even achieved half of the target that was set for me,” he said.

“Three months ago, my son was diagnosed with a rare disease called Muscular Dystrophy.

“His muscles were getting weak at an accelerated pace. It was a great shock for me and my wife. It was tough for me to see my 14 year old son being unable to even walk properly. I was depressed!

“Slowly I began losing focus on work as my motivation took a big dive into the abyss. I would not even want to meet up with my existing clients let alone developing new customers.

“My mind would be pre-occupied with my son’s situation almost all the time. It was then that something happened which is very important for me to share with you all!”


From critical to inspirational

“It was a Tuesday morning when my boss, Jayson Sir, came to me asking me to get ready for a high level critical meeting.

“Sensing my subtle reluctance he insisted on me joining him as it was vital for the growth of the organisation as a whole.

“Within no time we were at the café, overlooking the lake, on the outskirts of town. We sat there and Jayson Sir ordered coffee.

“We waited for some time but there was no sign of this client! I was getting a bit impatient and even agitated!

“Then Jayson Sir, just looked at me, smiled and said to me: “The person who is so important to the company’s and who can truly enhance its growth is already here. He is seated right in front of me.”

“I was a bit confused. But that confusion dissolved when he softly patted me on my back and said something very important.

“He told me that there are situations over which we have control and there are also those situations upon which we do not have any control.

“What has happened to your son is truly very difficult for you as a father to experience, but you must remember that  what is in your control is to how you respond to this difficult situation in the strongest and the best possible way.


The realisation 

“Somehow, through that coffee meeting, Jayson Sir made me meet myself.

“He made me realise that my de-motivation and depression would make things even worse for my son and wife, along with my professional environment too. I needed to be positive, proactive and persevering.

“I understood where I was going wrong. My boss had become my mentor and he had managed to pull me out from the pits of hopelessness and had awakened a new energy of positivity.

“He told me to search for other medicinal ways to cure my son.  And I proactively started. Within a couple of days I was able to connect with a specialist in this particular disease.

“He examined my son and using stem cell therapy today my son has been cured almost 90 per cent.

“As this was happening I also got my focus back to work and within a week I was again on the field meeting new customers.

“More than me, I saw my entire team also becoming more excited in their actions. Even my son and my wife seemed happier to see me so positive.


Some advice

“I have shared my personal story with all of you because; each one of us may experience different kinds of professional and/or personal crisis, difficulties or challenges in life.

“If ignored they could permanently puncture our energies and focus.  But then, this is the real test.

“This is the time for us to actually stay positive and strong and rather than crying or cribbing we should begin the search for solutions.

“What helped me tremendously was also my mentor in the form of Jayson Sir. Having a role model or a mentor is a great motivator.”


Creating own mentors

Well I hope that all of us find or create our own mentors and also become mentors to our other subordinates to help successfully sail through the different oceans of life.


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