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CORPORATE ADVICE: The Power Of Introspection

CORPORATE ADVICE: The Power Of Introspection
Let us too not look at the mirror first rather, let us first look at ourselves first.
October 03
10:20 2015

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He spearheads SPANDAN CONSULTING and mainly focusses upon Training and Human Resource Development through ‘Specifically Designed Seminars and Conferences. He can be contacted via email:


Introspection is an important quality of a successful leader.

Let us understand the concept and purpose of Introspection through an interesting incident.

A very successful organisation was looking out for a highly competent and effective manager to handle their entire manufacturing process.

It required a person of high qualifications and relevant experience along with a positive attitude.

And after a thorough search, they finally short-listed and then selected a candidate for the post.

This manager was true to the expectations and was found to be the right choice even by his colleagues from the other departments. He seemed to have gelled with all the employees in quick time.

A few months had passed by. It was a Friday afternoon and to almost everyone’s surprise they saw this manager almost yelling not at his juniors but at the staff that was responsible for cleaning and servicing of the entire office space.

Some of the other colleagues of this manager gathered to politely cajole him out of the chaos. But he dint seem to give in to their requests.

Upon being asked by his senior manager as why such a chaos was being created, he replied angrily: ‘’ Sir, these people are not doing their job despite repeated reminders.”

Upon being probed further, he continued: “Sir, this morning I had told them to clean up my cabin and especially the mirror.”

Mirror!!! His senior exclaimed.

“Yes sir,” he continued. “I need this mirror especially before I go for my ‘client meetings’ and it is special for me as it boosts up my confidence. But sir, despite telling them emphatically and assertively to make the mirror squeaky clean, they have not done that.

“They have become so casual and careless that they don’t even care for my instructions. I know I have raised my voice so much so that it has disturbed everyone around.

“But you just see for yourself as to how incompetent the cleaning staff has become!”

The cleaning guys were all looking utterly deflated and depressed. They looked at the manager and requested to wipe the mirror once again in front of the others.

Using a new cloth they tried again and this time with more caution. The manager’s fury knew no bounds and he lambasted them again.

But before he could increase his decibels, his senior manager who was standing close to him, literally stepped in and asked him to immediately stop shouting!

“But Sir, I still can see the dirt on the mirror,” he persuaded with his senior!

The senior manager politely walked up more close to the manager…looked straight at him. He then gave him a very broad smile.

The manager was quite perplexed and before he could say anything, his senior extended his arms towards his face and simply plucked out this manager’s spectacles.

Then, as he held the spectacles in his other hand, with his own handkerchief he wiped the spectacles more than twice and then put it back on his manager’s face.

He looked firmly at this manager and asked: “Do you see the dirt on that mirror? Tell me, do you see even one speck of dirt there on the mirror?”

He then pulled out that handkerchief and showed it to him. There was a patch on it which had specks of dirt. There was complete silence for a few moments. It was as though everyone knew what had happened!

“My friend,” the senior manager exclaimed, before pointing at others first look at your own self.

“The mirror did not have the dirt. Your spectacles did. You never bothered to check your spectacles even once before accusing and shouting at our cleaning staff! And that is because you never thought it necessary.”


Lesson drawn

And that is what happens to us many a times. We go all out to find faults in others.

It is not incorrect to do so as long as our intentions are noble in terms of improving them.

But that too must happen only after we have given time to look at ourselves and recognise the weaknesses or gaps for improvement within us.


Understanding introspection

Introspection is one of the most effective tools for a manager or leader to understand his or her own self.

This process is important as it develops the highest levels of clarity and honesty about oneself.

We must dedicate at least a few minutes to activate the process of introspection. When there is clarity, there is a new birth of confidence and courage in us.

Let us too not look at the mirror first rather, let us first look at ourselves first! Think about where are we going wrong and where we are also going right!!!

Find out scopes for self-improvement too. Remember friends, Introspection is as simple as ‘Inspection of yourself!!!

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