Letters To The Editor, October 7th, 2015

R.I.P Paul Yee Ronnie Chang Nadi. The news of the passing away of Paul Yee is received with profound grief and heartfelt sadness. The suddenness of his passing is numbing.
07 Oct 2015 10:44
Letters To The Editor, October 7th, 2015

R.I.P Paul Yee

Ronnie Chang


The news of the passing away of Paul Yee is received with profound grief and heartfelt sadness.

The suddenness of his passing is numbing.

I fondly remember Paul during our days with Air New Zealand, way back then in 1974.

My ageing memory allows me to recall the following local identities.

Sadly, some of them has since “moved on” to their Heavenly home.

I recall Evelyn Lee – ever-cheerful; always lending a ear and guiding advice.

I shall also remember Vidhya Lakhan; Willy Barini; Maxine MacDonald; Len “Speedy” Giblin; George Sharma; Bob Tahir; Eliza Powell; Francis Beddoes; Julie Bannatyne – to name a few.

(Pardon me for my omission of others – “E sa qase mai o au”). Those were our happy days.

Fiji is truly thankful to Paul for his enormously generous contribution to athletics.

His helping and professionally guiding presence will be sorely missed.

For those who came into contact with Paul whilst on our earthly pilgrimage, let us all spare a silent moment, or two to thank our Heavenly Father for the very special gift of Paul in Jesus name.

Heavenly Father, please grant Paul a favourable judgement. Be merciful to him and extend to him eternal rest and everlasting happiness.

To his spouse, Suzie and the family, we thank you for Paul’s gift to all of us.

He “touched” us in his own uniquely special way.

We pray you will find strength in Jesus name to accept this huge personal loss and tremendous grief.

Moce mada, Paul.

God-speed to your Heavenly home.

We will all meet again some sweet day. Rest in peace, our dear friend.


Better Fijian team

Timoci Gaunavinaka,


After Fiji reached the quater finals in 1987 and 2007 by beating Agentina and Wales, we all know that to actually win the Web Ellis Cup was just a far fetched dream.

With our boys’ performance this year, though we did not reach the quarters, they have proven to us and the world that they can actually do it if we maintain the direction and course we are currently on.

Vinaka vakalevu ra cauravou. Thanks to the coaching staff and John McKee and to all the sponsors. We are proud because of you.


Democratic style

Hassan Ali,


Democracy in the real sense means government of the people for the people  by the people.

In other words, people should  be the main focus in a democratic system of administration. It is sad that this is not practised by countries having a democratic system of government.

Listening to the debates  going on in Parliament one notices that Government members usually highlight what is or has been done for the country while the Opposition members point out  the weaknesses, shortcomings and what more can be done or has not been done.

This is politics of confontration from which not much good results can come out for the benefit of the country.

The time in Parliament can best be utilised if both sides come together, and identify pressing issues and problems affecting people and the country and  bring out solutions.This should be the main concern of everybody.In this way people would be best served and pleased and Parliament can enjoy the positivities meted out.Otherwise valuable time,effort,and energy is wasted.

One might argue well this is not the practice in democratic governments anywhere in the world.The thing is  if we feel this way, how are we going to show to the world that we here in Fiji can be unique and  different from others and practical.

If parliamentarians find it hard to  adapt to this form of practice, then I  suggest to them to use   the technology of consciousness to gain more enlightenment for themselves, more creativity and clarity of thinking which can get both sides of the house harmonised to come together and work towards the greatest good for all the people and the country.

This can very easily be done if the technology is used because support of nature will come as well.


Keep mathematics

Dhirendra Prasad,


Let us keep mathematics relevant and make it interesting. Maths is essential in our daily lives no matter where you live. No planning can be successful without maths.

Advocates of anti- mathematics should take into account that they too smell of mathematics even in their anti mathematics formulas.

To all students and teachers, please take mathematics seriously because our lives depends on how you calculate it.


Dhirendra Prasad








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