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Etched In Our Memories: More Brave Koro Islanders

Etched In Our Memories: More Brave Koro Islanders
67-year-old grandmother Varanisese Divui of Kade Village.
February 28
10:45 2016

Out of the tragic events left in the wake of Cyclone Winston, come stories of bravery and selfless acts that emerged from people, young and old.

Here are two more of such stories from Koro, one of the areas worst hit:

Hero aptly describes the courageous act of 14-year-old, Luke Nagasau.

He has managed to step up to the call of duty when it was needed.

That characteristic came all-easy for Luke on the day Cyclone Winston took its hit on Koro Island.

His swift action managed to save five children from being seriously hurt by flying debris as Winston smashed over the island on that dreadful Saturday, February 20.

Luke was leading five children to safety when a corrugated iron flew in their direction.

“All of a sudden we saw it flying towards us,” he recalled.

“I told them to go down while I crossed my hand and went towards it to avoid its impact at the younger children.

“If it did, all of us would have been badly injured.”

Luke said the children were so scared they began crying.

“When they saw it coming they knew for sure we will all be hurt.

“But I am relieved that not only will this be one of the memories that will be etched in my mind, I was able to save the lives of my small brothers and sisters from the village,” the courageous boy said.


Grandmother, grandkids take cover under mat

Another hero is 67-year-old grandmother Varanisese Divui of Kade Village.

Mrs Divui was at her home on that fateful morning when strong winds and huge waves swept through the village.

“My daughter brought home her two children because of the strong winds,” Mrs Divui recalled.

“A flying corrugated iron and a louvre blade cut open my leg and foot.”

She tried so hard to run with the children but her injury limited her movement.

“I couldn’t move so all I did was take cover under the mats with my grandchildren,” an emotional Mrs Divui said.

“I am a diabetic and hypertension patient. I couldn’t stand seeing all the bleeding and cuts on my leg,” she said. But she protected and saved the children.

Looking back at how much they had to endure when the monster cyclone hit the village, Mrs Divui said she counted her and the children lucky to have survived such an ordeal.

Meanwhile, Koro islanders have commended Government’s timely response in the aftermath of the monster storm.

Mudu Village headman, Josateki Seru said food sources had been destroyed and left them with nothing.

Navaga Village headman, Manoa Vunivanua said the villagers bought groceries from two stores in the village which were now destroyed.

“We are lucky that Government has responded very fast to us and also given us food rations,” he said.



Edited by Ranoba Baoa


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