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Coconut Wireless

Coconut Wireless, 17th April 2016

Coconut Wireless, 17th April 2016
Coconut Wireless
April 17
12:03 2016

Warning: Thieves at work here

A new norm of afternoon thievery on the busy roads in the Suva Post Office area.

A group of boys chat with vehicle owners banked up during the peak traffic period. Meanwhile, another will try grab belongings from the passenger side window or any other open window without you even realising.

Then off they go into the pedestrian traffic.

Warning: Keep your windows up and doors locked while in these traffic crawls.


Language doesn’t do their reputation good

A look at some of the foul Facebook language being used by some who like to portray themselves as professional journalists makes you wonder what’s in their minds.

Definitely does  their image little good. Nor that of the organisation where their byline appears.

Don’t they realise FB is a public place?



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