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Coconut Wireless

Coconut Wireless, 24th April 2016

Coconut Wireless, 24th April 2016
Coconut Wireless
April 24
15:21 2016



Some men in some villages need to understand and accept that women should be treated equally, even after they have gone away and returned.

While iTaukei culture takes after the patriarchal lines, it does not mean that women have less rights.

In one village two sisters are struggling to build on a family plot, where they were born and raised, because the men have suddenly decided that the vanua has the power to take over it.

Is this a land grab? It looks like it. It’s un-iTaukei and it’s certainly a case for the iTaukei Lands Commission to look into.

Constitutional lawyers will have a field day if the sisters decide to challenge the men in defence of their basic human rights.


Sorting the sick sheets

And there have been shouts of joy from workers after the Health Ministry has clarified that sick sheets will be issued throughout the day at Government Health Centres. No more no more after lunchtime.

But the other side of coin is that more in-depth check ups will be done before sick sheets are issued. Quiet joy from employers on that.?


Mind your language

Upcoming journalists should know by now that views – and language – shared on social media can seriously come back to bite them in their rear.

Even deleting comments will not really delete it from that world wide web. Some never learn.


Fair go

Can some taxi drivers just listen to their customers and not take a long route to destinations just so that they can earn more.


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