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Letters To The Editor, 26th, April, 2016

Letters To The Editor, 26th, April, 2016
Letters To The Editor
April 26
11:51 2016

Real mother

Sachida Rao,


Could we all stand and salute  Mrs Nand Kumari, mother of Lieutenant-Colonel Avinesh Kumar who is heading to Sinai for military duties as a commanding officer?

Lieutenant-Colonel Kumar lost his father when he was only three months. Now he has attained a masters qualification at the age of 37 and visited several countries. Indeed this is a remarkable achievement.

The success behind this attainment is the nature of the upbringing by the respected mother who is a role model to our society.

I really liked her thoughts when said: “I have always taught my children when they were young to be humble; no matter what you achieve in life; remember to always be humble and don’t look down on other people.”

That reminds me of my mother who hardly had any schoolings but cherished values and education.

I wish the good Lord will give strength to all the mothers have and are overcoming the challenges and hardship.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers.


Chain of disasters

Tomasi Boginiso,


It should be ringing in everyone’s mind of what is yet to come. We have been affected by two cyclones and the highest record of rainfall which has caused flooding in most of the regularly affected areas.

And throughout the Pacific there has been earthquakes recorded in Solomons, Vanuatu, Kiribati and most recently Norfolk Island.

And with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii warning that a great earthquake is likely to strike the areas within the Pacific Rim of Fire which Fiji is part of, these should be in everyone’s mind of what is likely to come.

The recent tidal surges in the outer islands is an indication that earthquakes are happening in the ocean base. As words of relocation of villages and settlements to higher and secure grounds is the decision of their lifetime and action is required now more than words.

But we should be always prepared and be praying for our own protection and future.


Introduction of the ‘pledge’

Kirti Patel,


While we do acknowledge the effort of the Minister for Education on the above initiative, does one really think, it will help curb the issue of student behaviour and discipline? Disciplinary issues have to be rectified and acted upon.

Just recently the news is being highlighted of a former Police officer acquitted in an alleged rape case. I’m quite sure he would have taken some sort of oath as well.

I am sorry but if the pledge is the reason to bring about the positive effects in our children, what is wrong with the morning prayer in schools? I’m sure all schools have some sort of prayer before they start with their daily classes.

Doesn’t that have any impact on our children?

Can children continuously be saying something daily and bring about the positive changes in within them?

From where I see, any pledge is not going to make any difference unless and until the students instill such things in themselves. It has to come from within them. We can take the horse to the river but we cannot make it drink.

Also what is the reason for the delay in putting into practice the Minister’s proposal. Cyclone Winston cannot be the reason because if it really was then the idea of introducing this would not cross one’s mind in the present scenario.

Let’s hope to really see some difference in our students, with or without the pledge.


School pledge

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,

Delta, BC, Canada

While we all agree with the Minister for Education for the introduction of the eight-point national students’ pledge, to be recited by Fijian students from Year Six to Year 13 in schools daily, I believe this pledge is missing one key ingredient for it to work perfectly.

The parents and guardians of each student should sign the pledge, so that when the students make the promise every morning they have the full backing and support of their parents and guardians.

The end of next term will give us a fair indication if the students making the pledge, with the support of their families, are really walking the talk or just doing lip service.



Fijian 7s calender

Arien Vikash Kumar,


Whenever and wherever there is talk about Rugby 7s in the World, Fiji’s name will be talked about; no doubt about that.

Fijian 7s, over the years, have done wonders and have made history several times in the world rugby circuit.

Tournament by tournament, year by year a new star is born in the Fijian 7s squad. Some are born gifted with the ability to do “magic or miracle” on the field and some become the role models of the youths of this nation.

However players come and go as some join overseas clubs, some take early retirement, some quit because of family commitments and most importantly the ones who have to quit because of ‘permanent injury’ or ‘untimely death’.

These stars that are born today are easily forgotten tomorrow if they are no longer in the game. All their hard work, commitment and sacrifices goes unrecognised within a very short period of time.

What if FRU starts publishing a ‘yearly calender’ which include a players’ list (name and photo) for each tournament from the last HSBC Series with other relevant information about the tournament and the series and this calendar goes on sale to all.

I bet every household will wish to have one without any second thoughts. As they will turn the calendar on monthly basis they will learn, remember and cherish every special moment of the Fijian 7s team for that year. Some will start collecting it on yearly basis just to show it to the next generation.

The money collected from the sale of this can be used for the welfare and assistance of the unfortunate heroes who had to quit unwillingly because of injuries and other genuine reasons. The families of the players who had died could also be assisted through these funds.

Wouldn’t this be ‘one stone killing many birds’?


Immigration check-up

Joe Smith,


The Attorney-General recently made a public statement that the Government Titles Office would very soon incorporate an on-line system whereby the public could access details of all Fiji registered titles and leases. We are still waiting.

Can we also have an online check-up of our immigration watch listing in case our names appear without our knowledge?


Games title

Wise Muavono,


It gives me great pleasure to announce that this year’s Coca-Cola Games boys’ and girls’ titles will once again be retained in the Central Division; in Kaunikuila and Sawani respectively. Hahaha!



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