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Shivneel Awarded Best Male Cadet

Shivneel Awarded Best Male Cadet
Gospel High School 2016 Cadet Pass-Out Parade Best Male Cadet Shivneel Sharma following the parade ceremony . Photo: RONALD KUMAR.
April 29
09:23 2016

Shivneel Sharma says he did not allow his disabilities to stop him from winning the 2016 Gospel High School Best Male Cadet award.

“Though I am not able to hear nor speak, I am thankful to God for giving me this opportunity of winning the award,” Shivneel said.

The Year 10 student proved that having hearing and speaking disabilities did not deter one’s chances of taking part in such activities.

“I did not feel missed out, or left behind in anything as I had my team from St John House to help me,” Shivneel said.

“I learned something here that the soldiers have taught and that is being obedient and teamwork.

“And if Republic of Fiji Military Forces would recruit disabled people in the future, I would be interested in taking up the challenge.”

Shivneel said this was the first time for him as a person with disabilities to be involved in the passing-out-parade.

“I would like to encourage the students out there who could not be a part of the parade and also to other students with disabilities to get involved in such opportunities because we are not given this type of opportunities every day and it also helps our self-esteem to rise,” he said.

Shivneel’s teacher and school interpreter for disabled studnets, Merewalesi Masi said she was very proud to see students with disabilities taking part in such activities and Shivneel’s achievement proved that nothing was impossible.

“Shivneel has been a very good student academically and today he has proved that although he has hearing and speaking disability, it did not stop him from being one of the best cadets,” Ms Masi said.


Edited by Rusiate Mataika


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