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Letters To The Editor, 30th April 2016

Letters To The Editor, 30th April 2016
Letters to the Editor
April 30
18:08 2016

Food rations distribution

Ravulolo Tuikubulau, Lautoka

Now that the cyclone and flood food rations distribution is winding up in the West, we continue to wonder why certain areas of the community were denied their rights when they received a single round while others received four rounds of distribution while they watched.

A good example of this is where I reside, at the boundary between Lautoka City and the rural area outside Natabua.

Yesterday, I came past a Government vehicle distributing the 4th round of rations to the Velovelo residents, who are just on the other side of a creek which separates the urban and rural.

I paid a visit to the Commisioner Western’s office to enquire whether the Natabua Housing cyclone victims were going to receive food assistance and I was told by a young lady serving at the counter that no food assistance will be supplied to all urban dwellers.

The innocent lady was not able to give a valid reason as on what grounds were these voters denied their constitutional rights to receive the Bainimarama Government’s assistance.

Probably our parliamentarians would be able to come and explain to us their assistance policy in times of national disasters.

As the next election is just two years away, what would the urban dwellers think of their next candidate? God bless Fiji.


Background noise

Wise Muavono ,  Lautoka

To one of the free-to-air channel that’s showing live coverage of the Coca-Cola Games, do not block out the background noise.

If I only wanted to listen to the commentary, I have the radio for that.

FEA Subsidy


Hasmukh Patel, Fiji Electricity Authority
chief executive officer

I refer to a letter titled ‘FEA Subsidy’ published in the Fiji Sun on Wednesday April 27, 2016, under the section ‘Your Views, written by Mr Nirbhay Singh.

For your information we have replied to the Consumer Council of Fiji.

FEA would like to inform Mr Singh that since the Government subsidy was implemented a few years ago the daily average was in place and explained at the back of the bill.

The back of the bill prior to 2016 had the following explanation:

Domestic Tariff Cents per unit. Less than or equal to 85 kWh per month, i.e. 2.79 units/day, taking one month to be equal to (365 days/12 months) days which works out to 30.42 days.

From January 2016 the new criteria was inserted where consumption must be less than or equal to 95kWh/month and there must be a combined household income of less than or equal to  to $30,000/annum.

The back of the bill for January 2016 and February 2016 is below:

Domestic Tariff Cents per unit. Less than or equal to 95 kWh per month & combined household income is less than or equal to $30,000 if customer has registered and entitled for new Government subsidy.

Towards the end of March 2016 we included the daily average as a few customers with consumption less than or equal to to 95k were still not clear with the daily average concept.

The back of the bill was revised towards the end of March 2016 as shown below and will remain as such until there is another change. This clearly explains to the customer the daily average of 3.12 units/day.

Domestic Tariff Cents per unit. Less than or equal to 95 kWh per month, i.e. 3.12 units/day, taking 1 month to be equal to (365 days/12 months) days which works out to 30.42days with a combined household income less than or equal to $30,000. This only applies if the customer has registered and qualifies for the new Government subsidy.


We’re ready

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

The Fiji Football News has headlined their Spanish tour (FS:28/04) in red, bold, capital letters “WE’RE READY”.

Excuse the sarcasm but may I ask FFA’s president what they are ready for?

Are they prepared and ready to win their scheduled matches or are they there, in the heart of world football, to understand and learn first-hand what quality football is all about?

My heart goes out to our boys and my criticism is never directed at them but at FFA and the manner in which Fiji Football is poorly managed.

This tour will confirm to all including FFA of the quality and position of their management style.

It will be a revelation even though the teams that are scheduled to play there are nowhere near the quality expected in Rio.

To be ready is to be able to compete consistently with the opposition and to win, draw or lose by a single goal or two!

We hope not to witness bold numbers that are hugely in the red!



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