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Stay Away From Corruption, FEA Tells Contractors

Stay Away From Corruption, FEA Tells Contractors
Electircal Contractors at the FEA Workshop held in Suva yesterday. Photo: Roneel Karthik
May 17
10:58 2016

Contractors were yesterday warned against getting involved in bribery and corruption.

The warning was made at a Fiji Electricity Authority workshop in Suva.

Samuela Seru, a member of the FEA team conducting the workshop said: “Don’t let greed for money or bribery take over you.”

He said contractors should refrain from unfair trading. Concerns he said had been raised that FEA had been allegedly working with some illegal operators getting advantages and accepting bribery.

“Contractors please don’t take bribery. Don’t let that greed overcome you,” Mr Seru said.

He said this was a special gathering  since they did not have any meeting this year due to circumstances after Tropical Cyclone Winston.

“This is a normal event, however, the meeting is held quarterly in the various divisions,” he said.

“This is the first time for the event to be held on a  scale whereby all contractors gathered at one place here in Suva.

On the training of more electricians, he said: “I have been in contact with FNU head of school, they have close to  150 plus coming out of the schools as electricians.

“These electricians will be employed by you as contractors.You will train and employ them. They have to be registered.

He said: “Most electrical contractors do not register their electrical workers.

“The FEA has to be informed of registration changes and staffing changes. If a new person comes as electrician, inform FEA.”

He said the FEA should also be told when employees of contractors leave.



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