Police Call On Your Support

Police cannot work alone in solving crimes and community input is vital, says Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho. Brigadier-General Qiliho’s comments come in light of an increased  number of home
23 May 2016 10:24
Police Call On Your Support
1.Indar Singh and his wife, Shashi Lata at their home in Nasole. Photo: Ronald Kumar 2.Robbery victims Pratibha Maharaj and husband, Praveen Maharaj. Photo: Shahani Mala 3.Pastor Maciu Cerewale’s sitting room (top flat right side), where the two intruders gained entry from. Photo: Charles Chambers 4.The late Sushila Devi (right), her grandniece Daksha (middle), and a neighbour.

Police cannot work alone in solving crimes and community input is vital, says Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho.

Brigadier-General Qiliho’s comments come in light of an increased  number of home invasion cases whereby occupants of the homes have been physically abused.

The Police Commissioner has called on people to be vigilant and where possible, inform the Police of unfamiliar faces in the community, which could possibly prevent crimes from happening.

The recent spate of home invasion has also prompted the Commissioner to look into the revival of community policing as well.

He said people needed to look out for their neighbours and to revive the neighbourhood watch.

“We cannot do this on our own. People have to be security conscious,” Brigadier-General Qiliho said.

“People tend to lodge reports after a crime has been committed, however, if they are vigilant and can report suspicious people and activities when it happens, crimes can be prevented.”

The Fiji Police Force has increased manpower in the Western Division to look into the increase in crimes committed there.

Brigadier-General Qiliho said home invaders’ modus operandi was to move around the country and soon another area would be targeted. This, he said, can be prevented by people being more aware of what was happening around them.

He has called onto Fijians to be more proactive rather than reactive.

The other issue that the Force is grappling with is the market for stolen goods.

Brigadier-General Qiliho said receiving stolen properties was a crime and those found buying or receiving stolen properties would also be taken to task.

In recent days, cases have been highlighted in the Fiji Sun about home invasions and cases where people have been robbed in broad daylight.

Sushila Devi, 71, of Razak Road in Lautoka was found dead in her house. A robbery gone wrong, which was being investigated by Police.

Another case, where an American Fijian couple, Pratibha and Praveen Maharaj had their vacation to Fiji turn sour after being robbed by three men.

The men robbed them of $10,000 worth of assorted items including phones, assorted jewellery, cash, their passports and foreign currency. The men also took the key to their rental car.

They were getting into their vehicle at Kaba Street in Samabula, Suva, when they were attacked.

Police confirmed that the suspects are still on run.

A 43-year-old pastor Maciu Cerewale  of Vomo Street in Lautoka, was stabbed three times by an intruder and his accomplice inside his home after he confronted them trying to rob a Japanese homestayer in another room.

A Nasole couple, Indar Singh and Shashi Lata, still traumatised six months after masked burglars broke into their house.

The couple has lost about $31,155 worth of jewellery, household items, cash, assorted liquor, handbags and phones. After the terrifying incident the couple went into depression because of the brutal impact it had on them and left them needing to change their scenery to help them recover.

Last month Narhari Electrical Company Limited general manager Jagdish Narsey Bhai was robbed outside his house at Nayau Street, Samabula.

The three men drove away in his vehicle; an Orange Toyota RAV 4 registered IE 258 which was found next day by the Police. The three suspects are still on run.

They took his wallet, credit cards, identification cards, and a bag containing cash, mobile accessories and a water bottle.

A Tamavua couple who are doctors by profession were robbed when the thieves jumped the fence and cut through thick steel before entering their home.

Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro said: “There has been a shift in criminal activity which is why we ask the people to take the necessary precautions for their well-being.

“Police will continue to monitor such trends and align operations accordingly as more manpower has been deployed because rise in the number of home invasions recently.

“Any information that may seem insignificant could potentially lead to preventing a crime from being committed.”

Edited by Rusiate Mataika



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