Letters To The Editor, 10th July 2016

Clarifying reports Semi Koroilavesau, Suva I wish to clarify two points of reporting that the Fiji Times wrote in their column during the Budget debates. Firstly it was reported that
10 Jul 2016 08:32
Letters To The Editor, 10th July 2016
Letters To the Editor

Clarifying reports

Semi Koroilavesau, Suva

I wish to clarify two points of reporting that the Fiji Times wrote in their column during the Budget debates.

Firstly it was reported that Honourable Salote Radrodro from SODELPA was able to convince me to support her motion in the debate. This is far from the truth and the fact was that I indicated to the Opposition that Hon Radrodro’s response to the increases in the budget by suggesting the transfer of funds to cover the suggested increases was good sense and should be the norm.

I had suggested the above, as the Opposition had complained bitterly about their highly manufactured debt level and on the other hand suggested huge increases that had no basic reason. I had suggested that at the end of the day the Budget has to be balanced.

Secondly the comment on Flotsam and Jetsam on Saturday 9, July seem to suggest that I wanted to support Honourable Alvik Avhikrit Maharaj, and stood to make a point of order. In fact I was testing to see if I will be allowed to make a statement without stating any point in the Standing Order as the Opposition has been doing throughout the proceedings.

I was shouted down by the Opposition which proved my point that any interjections had to be loud to be heard. I could have made a point of order from any of the sections available in the standing order but I deliberately chose not to.

Politics is a very interesting game especially when one wants to portray predetermined results especially when watching from the sideline. I now can confirm the side Fiji Times is supporting in this political football.


Illegal taxi operators

Arun Kumar, Davuilevu

The Land Transport Authority says that illegal taxis are operating because there is a demand for taxis which the proprietors are unable to fulfill. Then we can assume that the farmers in Navosa hills cultivating marijuana can also do so because there is a demand for marijuana.


Seasonal work opportunities

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada

Having lived in Australia and now visiting Canada, Fijians who are able to secure a visa to Australia and here in Canada, could set themselves up doing seasonal work in both countries.

From June to September, one could be involved in picking blueberries out here and from October to March, the different seasonal work available in Australia.

The HSBC World Sevens series will be become even more popular given the inclusion of the Sevens Rugby in the Olympic Games.

One can use the HSBC World Sevens Series as an excuse to apply for a visa to Canada, Australia and New Zealand and one could be lucky to get a multiple travel visa to these countries if you request to make the visit every year.

With Canada, once you enter the country, even if your visa is only for one week, you can stay up to six months, unless if your passport is stamped “must leave on a particular date.”

Once you get a Canadian Visa, you can also apply for a USA Transit Visa, as it is cheaper going through Los Angeles than travelling through Korea to get to Canada.

If you are allowed a USA Transit visa, it would be a multiple travel visa of up to 10 years.

Blueberry farms still need people out here and the Serevi Invitational Sevens to be held here towards the end of this month is one way of coming out here, if you want to kill three birds with one stone.


No place for spitting

Herleen Emily Kumar, Nadi

Every morning and afternoon, while heading to town or returning from town to home, I have noticed that many people spit in public areas.

Especially those who are addict tobacco (suki) chewers and after chewing it, they tend to spit it out, which becomes really disgusting.

Well, I really do not know about the implementation of the decree of ‘’no spitting’’ in public areas, however, as humans we all should have a sense of knowledge of not spiting in public areas because there are other people in the surrounding which, may seem disrespectful and it also doesn’t hold a good image for Fiji itself. As Fiji is one of the tourist markets in the world. Indeed a simple request to the people, not to spit.

C’mon Fiji, let’s show the world we are the best!


Olympic support

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Every athlete and team representing Fiji at the Rio Olympics deserves equal support.  With all due respect, it appears as if our focus to date has primarily been on the national men’s sevens team. What if the team fails to win a medal? What if an unexpected athlete or team wins a medal?

With all due respect, our support should be inclusive extending to football, athletics, national sevens rugby sides (men and women), swimming, table tennis, weight lifting and boxing. Let’s stand by their dreams as their dreams are also our dreams. Best wishes to all teams and individuals who are part taking in the Rio Olympics. Appreciation to their family members, loved ones   and sponsors for their valued support. Rio here, we come. Go Fiji go!


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