The Power Of Patience

Ajesh had recently attended a course on how to catch fish with a fishing line and hook. He had been taught about the most appropriate baits to use in order
20 Aug 2016 07:41
The Power Of Patience

Ajesh had recently attended a course on how to catch fish with a fishing line and hook.

He had been taught about the most appropriate baits to use in order to lure the fish and also about the specific ways of even putting the bait on to the hook.

He was also taught certain other details regarding the weather in terms of the right time or rather the right balance between high tide and low tide to throw the ‘line’ or string.

This would be so as to catch more fish from the lake or river or ocean.

So on that particular day when the weather was extremely cloudy and therefore ‘appropriate’ to catch the most number of fish, he along with his son went to the nearest lake close to his farmhouse.

They prepared the bait, put it on to the hook and with a big swing Ajesh excitedly threw the line far into the deep waters of the lake!

After about 10 minutes of waiting, Ajesh started pulling the line to find the hook still with the bait on it.

The next time he threw the line he waited for more time which was almost 15 minutes. But he could not wait any longer.

He hurriedly pulled the ‘line’ and this time he saw that the bait was absent from the hook.

It looked like that the fish had eaten the bait off. He continued throwing the line a few more times with the same result…not a single fish.

Not only was he getting impatient but also irritated about all this.

His son Jashnesh who was looking at all this was also unhappy and they both decided to return home empty-handed.


Ram’s guidance

Ajesh called up his friend Ram, who was himself an experienced fisher or what we can appropriately term as an ‘angler’.

Ajesh explained everything in great detail but highlighted especially his frustration at not being able to catch even a single fish despite being taught everything about it.

“I will met you tomorrow at the lake side. You please be there along with all your fishing equipment,” Ram told him in a pleasantly concerned voice.

Hearing this Ajesh was quite elated and excited! He knew that Ram was an excellent angler and had seen him catch not just a lot of fish but also fish of extremely large size.

He knew that with Ram beside him the possibilities of being successful were extremely high.

The next morning Ajesh along with his son went to the lakeside as planned and they saw Ram waiting for them. Ram was ready with his Hook and the line.

“Dear Ajesh, before you begin your fishing process, I want you to please just watch me and observe what I am exactly doing,” Ram said.


The waiting game

Ajesh watched as Ram quite steadfastly removed the hook from the bag and after tying it to the string he then put the bait on to the hook and then within a few seconds he took a big swing and threw it into the far depths of the lake.

And then he waited; and he waited more! Ten minutes passed by; another ten minutes also went by but Ram looked calm and composed.

He was in fact admiring the beautiful surroundings and especially the hills around the lake.

And at the same time he seemed extremely alert to the movement of the line. But exactly opposite was the attitude of Ajesh. He was getting uneasy.

Almost 45 minutes had passed but Ram was completely calm and Ajesh was totally out of sorts and almost upset.

Ajesh, he exclaimed aloud: “I think you have waited enough why don’t you pull the line back and check. It has been almost an hour now and you should at least check your line”.

Ajesh’s son had already moved away and was throwing stones in the water. He seemed to have gotten extremely bored.

“Ram this ‘wait’ is too much for me to bear. I have been just watching you do the same thing and that is only waiting without any result!”

That is when Ram smilingly responded: “Dear Ajesh, in this activity of fishing we must learn to play the ‘WAITING GAME’. Some things are learnt from experience, wisdom and observation.

“I have come here with you at the lake side not to really catch the fish but to make you understand a very important aspect related to catching of fish.”

Ajesh quickly responded: “Ram, I have been through a proper three day course on how to catch fish using a hook and a line.

“You tell me that I have yet to learn something which you think is extremely important. I am definitely keen to know what that is.”

Ram replied: “Ajesh, after listening to you yesterday, I realised something which seemed absent in your entire process of ‘fish catching’ and this aspect was the absence of ‘patience’.

“I know you had accurately prepared the bait and put the appropriate bait on to the appropriately sized hook and yet despite all this, what made you unsuccessful was your attitude of IMPATIENCE.

“I am sure while the hook was immersed beneath the lake the bait would have attracted at least a few fish towards it.”


The skill of patience

Ajesh listened as Ram continued: “Dear Ajesh, in the activity of fishing what is extremely important is to wait and wait a little bit more.

“Patience is probably the most significant skill compared to the various things like the choice of baits and hooks and even the study of weather conditions.

“What was probably happening in your case was that the moment you felt a slight tug or pull of the string you wold immediately start pulling the string completely.”

Ajesh argued: “But Ram, I was not told about this part at the Training course.”

Ram quickly responded: “Not all things are covered or taught in the course. Some things can be and should be learnt through experience.


“At the moment you are learning from my experience and what you are really learning is to develop the attitude of PATIENCE.

“At times I have had to wait for more than three hours to finally catch a fish.

“And there have also been many instances when I have waited for hours without catching even a single fish.

“But that is the true test of our attitude, especially the attitude of patience!”

As Ajesh listened to all this he also realised something else.

He in a way realised that even at work his attitude of impatience and haste especially in critical decisions like procuring machines or raw material was resulting in monetary loss and sometimes, fall in quality.


Patience and Stubbornness

Ram continued: “Having said all this dear Ajesh you must also remember something else.

Patience is a very subjective matter.

“Always ensure that you don’t over-stretch your patience into stubbornness. There will come a point when you will have to make the decision to wait any further or start pulling the line.”

I guess what we all need to do whether while catching fish or catching our goals is to not wait too less and also not to wait too long!

That is where our own experience and wisdom will play an important role!

That evening, the families of Ram and Ajesh met up and had lots of fish curry. I am sure the fish was caught by both of them!!!
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