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EDITORIAL: Let’s Take Heed Of Dr Fatiaki’s Words Of Reason, Wisdom On ‘Healing Water’

EDITORIAL: Let’s Take Heed Of Dr Fatiaki’s Words Of Reason, Wisdom On ‘Healing Water’
September 23
09:35 2016

Dr John Fatiaki has come out as the voice of reason in the debate of the so-called healing or miracle water of Natadradave, Dawasamu, Tailevu.

The president of the Fiji College of General Practitioners  has advised people who are sick to see their doctors first.

Modern medicine has been tested and tried before it is released to the market. So it should be the preferred first option.

Many ailments are cured by modern medicine.

But there are others that are terminal or cannot be cured.

The healing water is the logical next option.

We continue to hear stories of people from stroke victims, to others suffering from migraine and other health complications, getting healed,

These are miracle stories that caught the imagination of many people from here and abroad. Some, we hear, have travelled here from overseas, to get healed by this miracle water,

Dr Fatiaki says the health benefits of underground sourced mineral waters has been recognised for a long time by the medical profession.

“With regards to lowering blood pressure, strengthening bone, maintaining electrolyte balance, it is probably related to the high levels of calcium, magnesium and silica in it,” Dr Fatiaki says.

But he advises that the use of the water for healing as a cure should be referred first to doctors as part of consultation.

If a condition is being treated successfully by orthodox medicine, and is proven, it should continue to get that treatment.

Dr Fatiaki says patients with incurable diseases such as terminal cancers, permanent paralysis after strokes and where orthodox medicine does not have an answer, then any benefit that these waters can provide would be a welcome and complementary treatment for these patients.

“The important consideration is not to give people false hope with exaggerated claims and suitable precautions should be taken to protect against the many water-borne diseases that we have in Fiji,” he said.

This is sound advice for everyone. The Ministry of Health and some tertiary institutions are testing the water to ascertain what sort of  chemical elements it contains.

Some people are describing it as mana from heaven claiming that it is a gift to the people in the area. They believe that it is healing people because it is free. They also believe that if it is sold, it will lose its mana.

The sick, the wounded and the lame have been going there in their thousands to get healed. Many have returned to speak about  miracles in their lives.

What we have not heard is accounts from people who have been there but have not been healed. Maybe, there are just a few of them.

So until we get results of tests about the water and testimonies from people who have not been healed, it’s difficult to come to a rational explanation.

One thing is certain, though. Many people want instant relief and cure of the physical pain and suffering they are going through. Good luck.


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  1. Joshua Cirimaitoga
    Joshua Cirimaitoga September 23, 12:41

    7s olympic gold and again miracle water.. Love Fiji..!

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