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Letters To The Editor, 26th November 2016

Letters To The Editor, 26th November 2016
Letters to the editor
November 26
11:00 2016

Free milk scheme

Narayan Reddy,  Lautoka

Can the Ministry of Education conduct an investigation as to why school teachers and selected school children are allegedly taking cartons of free milk home?

Some prominent school teachers and children have been seen taking free milk home, which were meant for Year One children. I find it hard to believe, but somehow some packets of milk have ended up on the streets of Lautoka, allegedly being sold for 50cents each.

Mr Minister, can you do something about this because it’s the taxpayers money that has been abused?

I am a witness to this and you can find me easily in Lautoka!



Positive Policing

Joan McGoon,  Nadi

While driving back from Lautoka with friends one evening, we ended up in a small queue at a Lomolomo Police check-point with a minivan in front of our vehicle.

It seemed that a Police officer was having a conversation with the mini-van driver about his headlights not being bright enough. It seemed that the Police officer was getting agitated at the driver and then with our windows down, we heard the Officer say: “Use your head!”

These English words ignited some negative feelings within the diverse group in the vehicle as it implied that the driver was quite stupid. Yes, granted he was being ignorant of some LTA laws however, how unprofessional of the officer to personalise a verbal attack on a member of the public. It would have been better to use the phrase: “Hi sir, please be advised that your headlights are not suitable and need to be changed” and then “book” the driver and wish him a “good evening!” without personalising an attack.

Not only on our roads is this common, but even in some banks where customer service officers can be overheard using similar phrases with the “less” educated.

If they lack customer service, they shouldn’t be at the forefront at all, invoking negative feelings within the public.

It’s no wonder they get very negative re-actions from the public for their negative behaviour!

You can never go wrong from treating people well. Positive treatment can invoke positive feelings that can lead to positive behaviour.

Maybe some retraining could be offered to our hardworking public officers?



A groggy season

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

Will there be sufficient supply of grog during the festive season? Will the prices remain the same?

Well, the taste may not differ but the demand will increase, but for average income earners, the only request for sellers, is not to increase the price or sell less for the same amount.

All in all, an innocent and groggy question.



Be safe!

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

Stay safe during these school holidays.

Vigilance is the key to protecting children during the school holidays.



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