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General Practitioners Pledge Strengthened Support To Enhance Health Services

General Practitioners Pledge Strengthened Support To Enhance Health Services
Minister for Health and Medical Services, Rosy Akbar
November 30
11:03 2016

The Fiji College of General Practitioners (FCGP) have pledged their strengthened commitment and partnership with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to enhance the health sector.

The message was relayed to the Minister for Health and Medical Services, Rosy Akbar during the FCGP Western and Central Faculty mini-seminar last Sunday at the Warwick Hotel, in Korolevu.

More than 70 General Practitioners participated in the seminar based on the theme, “A Good Doctor Never Stops Learning, Learning with Leisure.”

Minister Akbar reiterated on the importance of multi-sectoral partnership as a way forward to advance health care services in Fiji.

“Public private partnership is important in terms of awareness raising on health advocacy programmes. I commend the efforts of Fiji College of General Practitioners to congregate this seminar which provides opportunities for general practitioners to be equipped with the lessons learnt and the best practices in addressing the predominant issues in Fiji. Being a health professional, one must persevere to broaden their knowledge on health care through information sharing and enhanced networking and a seminar of this nature provides a good platform to achieve that. With the advances in modern medicines, there have been innovation of new techniques, and technologies and it is always vital that as medical practitioners, you are updated with these modern advances that will complement your role,” Minister Akbar said.

The Health Minister outlined two key areas of support that provides opportunities for strengthened collaboration with FCGP.

“The Ministry has embarked on locum arrangements with FCGP, offering $50 for General Practitioners (GP’s) and $80 to specialists. The Ministry will also look into extending the locum arrangements, should your GP’s express the interest to do so. During the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) ninth Global Conference on Health Promotion held in Shanghai, China, last week, there were discussions on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). And during the recent launch of Antimicrobial resistant operation plan for Fiji, the overuse of antibiotics was also highlighted.

“Ministry has launched the multi-sectorial national action for AMR and your support will be essential in successful implementation of this AMR plan.

“The five key objectives of AMR plan is increasing awareness and understanding of AMR at all levels, strengthening of our surveillance systems and strengthening infection prevention and control optimising the use of antimicrobial medicines in human and animal health. Lastly it’s also establishing good governance to combat antimicrobial resistance,” Minister Akbar explained.

Fiji College of General Practitioners (FCGP) national president, Dr John Fatiaki is optimistic of the positive outcomes of its collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

“I am encouraging particularly our younger members to avail themselves for the locum opportunity as it is a steady income source that will supplement their practice. FCGP has been in operation for 24 years and of the 600 doctors in this country, 200 are practice members of FCGP. Majority of the contacts made in the context of outpatient consultations, General Practitioners sector provides up to 50 per cent of contact medical care for our patients,” Dr Fatiaki said.

“We need to be seen as an integral part of the health care services of this nation.”

He thanked Minister Akbar for her presence.

He said it was a great acknowledgement of their work and very encouraging.

“The Fiji College of General Practitioners will support you in your endeavours to improve the health and medical services of this country,” he said.


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