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Passion Towards Career Opens Doors To Excel In Life

Passion Towards Career Opens Doors To Excel In Life
Fiji National University Staff and students get their photo taken with Prime Minister Vorege Bainimarama during FNU 2017 enrollment drive launch at Albert Park yesterday. Photo: Ronald Kumar.
December 03
11:00 2016

Sunday edition of Fiji Sun’s  eye-catching article – PM’s Advice to Students: Choose career you like.

Their online site aired the fascinating message of our esteemed Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama during the Fiji National University (2017) Enrolment Drive launch at Albert Park in Suva.

His message was clear: “Don’t just do what your parents and friends tell you to do.

“Do what you think is right for yourself because there’s nothing worse than choosing a vocation that someone else prescribed for you.”


Choosee according to your passion

Mr Bainimarama boosted the morale of students’ life stating: “If there is a lesson that I have learned in life, it is to choose something that you are passionate about…You have to want to do it.

“You have to embrace it and then work as hard as you can at that particular course to get the best possible marks and the best possible skills that you can accumulate.”

The acting vice-chancellor of Fiji National University Eci Nabalarua, as per other daily, also rightly explained about various meaningful efforts undertaken by FNU to increase the enrollment for upcoming 2017 January session.

This reminds us being academicians that every student should read Chetan Bhagat’s 2004 novel, Five Point Someone: What not to do at IIT!  (IIT stands for esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India).

The book disclaimer ‘This is not a book to teach you how to get into IIT or even how to live in college.

In fact, it describes how screwed up things can get if you don’t think straight.”

The story has a captivating plot, the protagonists of the story revolves around three students with different background who manage to get admission at IIT Delhi and become hostel mates.

This is where first student comes from a privileged household and had an carefree strong and self-willed attitude.

The second student comes from a low income group family, whose father was bedridden and mother is a school teacher.

Also has a sister of marriageable age, deeply engulfed under burden to support his family financially.

Lastly, the third student’s economic status falls between his two friends, who belongs to middle class family who also has family obligations but has different passion.

Story also has a tyrant Professor, who plays his part to motivate or sometimes pressurise the student to get high Grade Point Average (GPA) out of ten.

The professor, whose son has ended his life because he failed to crack the IIT entrance thrice and personally wanted to choose another profession.

The trio tries to cope up the rigor and monotonous academic work, whereas first student highlighting the institution system has stifled their creativity by pushing them in race of value grades.


Choices, most important decision

Thus the choice of career student would like to pursue is the most important decision of students’ life.

At last, in author at convocation speech summaries the message of the book ‘This is my message to all the students as you find your future.

One, believe in yourself, and don’t let a GPA or a performance review or promotion define you.

There is more to life than these things – Your family, your friends, your internal desires and goals.

And the grades you get in dealing with each of these areas will define you as a person’.

Bhagat’ ‘Five Point Someone’ became the base of super hit Bollywood movie 3 Idiots (2009) directed by Raju Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

It highlights some hilarious fictions and romantic love angel into novel’ narration.

It gives a message to the students who are about to enter and will pursue tertiary education in Indian educational system.

Although the movie commenced to portray how the human struggle for existence begins with the birth of a child, where predefine careers are imposed by parents to glorify their family name.

This is without realising that actually that parents’ dreams are benefiting their child or increasing their mental pressure.

Although, any parents are not their enemies, but in contrast they are the best wishes who stand by their children in all thick and thin of life.


Life is a race

Director’s message denies the word of dictator professor ‘Life is a race.

If you don’t run fast.

You will be like a broken anda (egg), like the gangu bird’ by the words of the first student of Bhagat’ movie that ‘Don’t run after success’.

Be capable and success will come running after you or chase excellence success will follow you’.

Thus the students need not be mugger of subject without understanding it but one has to be passionate.

Also discretion need to be made while judging own strengths and passions.

Including to have believe in yourself as first student (performed by Amir Khan) says : “All izz well’ (All is well) in 3 Idiots to motivate oneself.

Many dialogues of this flick motivate the student to get knowledge wherever available, another example, that ‘there is lot of knowledge flowing around us.

Don’t miss it, grab it from wherever you get it’.

Initially, a large number of Fiji’ highly dedicated public schools and also private schools such as International School of Nadi (ISN), have provided the students the knowledge, discipline and ethics of life.

Currently, students must be anxious about their forthcoming results of Year 13.

It will be a stepping stone to enter into university by taking judicious decision of their choice of career.

This will be a milestone for not just their satisfaction but that will become asset to the nation by their devotion and contribution in future.

Therefore, FNU offers a huge platform for students across the globe to explore the best options for their respective careers.

Enrolling oneself to the course of choice will open the doors of success and provides you the key to fly after grooming under diligently qualified FNU’ faculties.

So, come one an all to make your dreams come true.

Article needs to be summed up by our respectful PM’s message: “The point is that you can only be successful in life if you are passionate about what you do and can have the necessary drive to achieve your ambition and dreams.

“Then life has a habit of choosing things for you.”

After all one needs to be satisfied with the careers one has opted for and contribute for the nation’s development.

Sakul Kundra is Assistant Professor in History, College of Humanities and Education, Lautoka, Fiji National University and Bhawna Kundra is a French and business management teacher and MYP co-ordinator at International School Nadi, Nadi. The views expressed are their own and not of this newspaper or their respective employers.

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