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Why Did God Take My Husband? Wife

Why Did God Take My Husband? Wife
Camari Dauna
January 12
10:50 2017

Grief-stricken Camari Dauna shook her head in disbelief last night and asked: “Why did God take my husband’s life?

“God should have taken me instead,  not him,” wept Dauna, 37, a mother of seven.

The “love of my life”, Anul Hafizu Dean, 46, of Veisari, Lami, a builder, fell to his death from the roof of Suva Hotel at the junction of Marks St and Waimanu Rd in central Suva City yesterday.

He was repairing a leak when the transparent polycarbonate roof gave way from the top of the three-storey building. Mr Dean worked for a Chinese owned construction firm.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Biu Matavou confirmed: “He was doing his work on the roof and he stepped onto a transparent roofing sheet which collapsed.”

Ms Dauna recalled she waved her husband goodbye yesterday as he left for work. She did not know that it was their last goodbye.

“After breakfast this morning (yesterday) he just packed his work stuff and left telling me that he will be back soon,” she said.

Ms Dauna said that he hugged her and their children and kissed them goodbye before he left.

“We did not know that it was his last goodbyes to me and our children.”

Their eldest child is 22 and youngest is one.

Two of their children, the 22-year-old and nine-year-old accompanied their father. Their uncle, James Dean, their dad’s eldest brother, said his brother’s 22-year-old son held the ladder outside the building as the father climbed to the roof.

But they did not see him fall inside the building.

“The post mortem has already been done and we were told that the ribs had gone through his heart because he fell off the roof.

“When his body fell in the spaces between the spiral stairs of the three-floor building, his body banged on all the walls before he landed and that is why there is a lot of damage to his head,” he said.

The funeral service will be held today at 6.30pm in Nasinu.

Ms Dauna has been a stroke patient for three years.

“Only the Lord will help me,” she said.

“My left hand is dead and only my right arm is moving. I don’t know what I will do from here, but I still believe in God.

“My husband is always there for me, he loved our children and he has been taking good care of me. What can I do without him?” she said.

She said they had a very good Christmas and New Year’s and he had started buying school stationeries for their children.

“I don’t understand as to why God had taken him away because knowing the condition I am in now, but I believed he has a reason for this.

“I am praying that the Lord will heal me so I can look after my children.

“Now only the Lord is my strength and hope.”

Ms Camari added that their different religions had never caused any row in the family.

She is Christian and he was Muslim.

“We loved each other,” she said


Edited by Naisa Koroi


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