Find Your Match On App Meri Jaan

An app named Meri Jaan was set up especially for single people and solo parents who are looking for that Mr or Miss Right. According to Darren Haroon, who is
09 Feb 2017 10:07
Find Your Match On App Meri Jaan
Meri Jaan developer, Darren Haroon (right) with wife Benazir H Haroon.

An app named Meri Jaan was set up especially for single people and solo parents who are looking for that Mr or Miss Right.

According to Darren Haroon, who is the app developer, he said Meri Jaan was designed for single Fijians across Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the world to connect in meaningful ways – especially for those who are looking for a long-term relationship, but still want to keep the same traditional beliefs.

Mr Haroon who works as a full time pharmacist in Melbourne, Australia, said a prospective Meri Jaan user could expect a user-friendly interface with the comfort of knowing their identity would remain safe.

Speaking to FijiSun, Mr Haroon, said they wanted to keep privacy at the core of the app, so people would feel comfortable using Meri Jaan.

For this he said, people could expect a fast, easy profile set-up with genuine people looking for love.

The app, he said was initially called ShaadiMe (Marry me in Hindi), but due to a legal issue they had to come up with a new name. When two people are in love, it’s very common for Indian people to use the phrase Meri Jaan meaning My Love.

“This name represents what we wanted to achieve between two people.”

Mr Haroon said it took roughly 18 months for Meri Jaan to get to where it is now.

“It took a lot of late nights and working seven day a weeks to ensure Meri Jaan was running smoothly and always improving the user’s experience,” said Mr Haroon.

A beta version was released in May 2016, with Meri Jaan officially released in October of last year. 

“We saw 10,000 matches in a two week period, and are set to reach over 20,000 monthly active users at the end of January,” he said.

Roughly, Mr Haroon said 60 per cent of these users are women.

He said they are always improving Meri Jaan via feedback through social media and aiming to reach 100,000 monthly active users by the end of this year.

“It may seem cliche, but the customer always comes first, is a motto I choose to live by when it comes to Meri Jaan.”

“We care about what happens within our community and take an active approach in maintaining it,” he said.

Moreover he said a big problem with the other players in the market is that they don’t take a customer-centric approach to the way they operate their dating platforms.

“We aim to make sure every user feels comfortable on the platform and ensure we are doing everything we can to help them fulfill their unique desires through our product,” said Mr Haroon.

He said, that’s why at Meri Jaan they have four people actively taking a zero tolerance approach to harassment and boots people off the platform if they behave inappropriately.

So remember this is Valentine’s month, so try download Meri Jaan and who knows, you may just find the person you’ve been searching for your whole life.  To ensure quality matches, set your preferences and upload good pictures.

By Lusiana Tuimaisala

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