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E-ticketing Is The Future, Let’s Not Politicise This

E-ticketing Is The Future, Let’s Not Politicise This
February 18
11:00 2017

E-ticketing is the future and the future is here. Kudos to Vodafone Fiji Limited for stepping up to the challenge, kudos to Government for leading the charge and kudos to the Fiji Bus Operators Association for taking this seriously.

E-ticketing will do wonders to our transport industry.

E-ticketing in buses is just the tip of the iceberg. We can and should see this implemented in mini-buses and even in taxis.

And, as Vodafone Fiji reveals, smartphone users would be able to pay for their journeys with the tap of their smartphones – this is putting Fiji up another notch, technologically.

Reasons why this initiative failed previously is because a number of bus drivers refused to co-operate, some fiddled with the consoles and there had been issues of interoperability.

But, since all 56 bus operators in the country have now come together and are eager to make this work, a number of these issues would be resolved.

Also, with Vodafone Fiji being the only operator there would be no interoperability issues to deal with.

E-ticketing works in the best interest of bus operators and those people who travel by buses daily.

Recharging of the cards is just as easy as recharging your mobile phones.

The pros of e-ticketing easily outweigh the cons.

To begin with, correct revenue will be collected. Correct taxes on income earned will be paid.

And, data will be collected in real time about the type of passengers that travel. For example, senior citizens, children, adults etc.

Using this data, Social Welfare Department can pinpoint which areas have more senior citizens who commute in buses. Related investment in such areas would follow, no doubt.

Also, if a bus operator wants to invest in more new buses, they will know what type of buses to invest in for particular areas- where more wheelchair bound people reside, where more senior citizens live and in which areas they need wheelchair friendly and lower step buses.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) which the consoles come fitted with, will give the location of buses in real time.

Good days are ahead for our transport industry. Let’s not politicise this issue.


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