Kula Wild Adventure Park After Rebuilding

The former Kula Eco Park at Korotogo on the Coral coast has been rebuilt and rebranded as Kula Wild Adveture Park. Nestled near the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, on the
25 Feb 2017 11:37
Kula Wild Adventure Park After Rebuilding
Marketing manager Nick Felstead at the Kula Wild Adventure Park at the Coral Coast. Photo: WAISEA NASOKIA

The former Kula Eco Park at Korotogo on the Coral coast has been rebuilt and rebranded as Kula Wild Adveture Park.

Nestled near the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, on the Coral Coast.

The park was originally established as a bird park in the 1980s.

It was bought by Kula Eco Park Management in January 1997.

With such an extensive system of walkways through the park, and a wide range of attractions, the park is now a popular tourist attraction.

Recently it has introduced an eco-friendly zip-line, Kiddy water splash, 110 metres water slide and an aquarium showroom.

Marketing manager, Nick Felstead said: “The rebuilding of the park is part of the rebranding from its former name – Kula Eco Park.”

He said this culminating of project had taken a major investment to give a best entertainment to its guests.


Eco-friendly zip-line

This new feature includes a twist and turns zip-line with eco-friendly support system.

Mr Felstead said the zip-line is made up of a patterned pulley system with support cables and makes it suspended.

“It is designed in the forest in a technique taking into account not to cut down any trees so this hangs from the natural support system,” he said.

“We have our eco-friendly support system which is supported by trees which has been selected by arborists (tree specialist) and they tell us which tree is good enough to support the system.”

There are the eye bolts and support bolts attached to the rails that are joined together but bend by hands.

He added that Zip-line in general had been around for a long time.

“This is quite a new technology installed in three different place around the world one is France, another in Australia and lucky to have one in Fiji,” Mr Felstead said.

“It was a long process with two months to install. Every day we do two hours of vigorous inspection making sure that everything is tight, trees are in the same place and nothing has moved.

“The zip-line has a total distance of about 300 metres and takes about one minute and five seconds to complete and reach the bottom.

“This is designed around the forest, not to cut down any trees or vines and keep everything natural in a forest like this.

“It is a quite fast ride and works very well. A lot of customers that have gone through here had a nice time.”


Kiddy Splash Pool

Kiddy splash pool has been open for couple of weeks; and finishing has been in the stages to the cafe so guest can enjoy some food include ice-cream, beer, wine and good pizza as well.

“It is different for the parent to do everything with kids also so we want to cater for everybody here,” Mr Felstead.


Water Slide

The property added a 110 metre water slide to enhance the features already present.

The structures was made up of fibre glass and steel structures starting top of the hill and down towards the river.

“It has been completed and tested and final touches to the stair are underway. That will be another attraction,” he said.



The aquarium boasts four tanks with the first two having soft coral and reef fish.

“These two tanks have been running for more than a month now while we are finishing work on the two tanks.

“The aquarium will have a show time and has been widely accepted by large school groups and mostly local and tourist.”

Sixty people can fit into the aquarium building at once, he said.

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