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60 Charged For Serious Crimes In February

60 Charged For Serious Crimes In February
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
March 03
11:00 2017

The following data is authorised for release by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) and relates to the number of formal indictments (Information) filed in the High Courts of Fiji by the Director of Public Prosecutions throughout the month.

This data is confined to incidents of serious crimes other than sexual violence offences which are recorded and published separately. This data also includes offences committed by Police officers.

There were 60 people charged with a total of 43 separate incidents in February.

The offences were murder (2), manslaughter (3), aggravated robbery (11), aggravated burglary (8), theft (4), money laundering (1) assault causing actual bodily harm (5), act with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (2), arson (1) and setting fire to crops (1), infanticide (1), abortion (1), procurement of abortion (1), possession of illicit drugs (1), unlawful cultivation of illicit drugs (1).

There were 34 victims of these serious offences.

The 60 people charged include 11 Police officers. Of these eleven, one police officer has been charged with theft of a laptop while ten police officers have been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm.

A woman has been charged with murder for allegedly throwing kerosene on her partner and setting him on fire whilst in another murder case, a man died during an aggravated robbery incident.

Of the three manslaughter offences, one incident arose from breach of duty where an 8 month old child was not restrained in the vehicle causing him to fall to his death from the vehicle. Two other manslaughter offences resulted from a driving incident and from a brawl in a nightclub.

For the aggravated robbery offences, the amounts stolen ranged from $50 to $10, 000 and for the aggravated burglary offences, the amounts stolen ranged from $500 to $24, 900.

There was one incident where a man has been charged with the theft of $43,000 and arson of a Post Office. In another incident, a 74-year-old man has been charged with setting fire to a coconut plantation.

For the money laundering incident, a man allegedly obtained $1.2 million worth of property by deception.

A mother was charged with infanticide for suffocating her new born child after delivery and in another incident two people have been charged with committing an abortion and with procuring an abortion.

A couple were charged with possession of 57.5 grams of methamphetamine and a man was charged with the unlawful cultivation of 7.2 kilograms of cannabis.

Two cases were discontinued after discontinuances (Nolle Prosequi) were filed.

Refer to the table entitled ODPP Serious Crime (Non-Sexual Violence Offences) Statistics February 2017 for a break-down of these statistics.


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