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Parents, Where Have We Gone Wrong?  

Parents, Where Have We Gone Wrong?   
March 03
11:04 2017


 There were four reported cases of gang rapes last month.

A rape is bad, gang rape is multiple times worse. And, it is even more worrying when school students are accused of such heinous crimes.

Why is it that these boys and men think it is all right to force themselves on women? Why is it that they think they will get away with it? What role have their parents played in raising such monsters?

What is the role of our religious leaders in all this?

Parents should share a big part of the blame. They have failed to raise their sons properly. They have failed to set good and right examples for their children. Parents are failing and we are facing the brunt of this now.

The youngest person who is an alleged perpetrator of a rape is a 12 year-old. What values have his parents instilled in him?

And, to find out that a tourist has been gang raped in Fiji- where happiness is supposed to find you is bad.

It is bad for Fiji, it is bad for our tourism industry- an industry on which tens of thousands of people rely on for their livelihood.

Who should be held responsible for this disgusting behaviour?

Parents of such criminals need to take a long hard look at themselves. They need to ask where they have gone wrong.

They need to be held accountable when a 12 year-old boy thinks he can force himself on another student.

When have we become a society where such behaviour has become a norm? If convicted, the 12 year-old boy could spend a large part of his life behind bars. Who knows whether he will come out reformed or turn even worse?

Are we as parents spending enough time with our children? No doubt peer pressure plays a big part in this.

 Often it has been seen parents give their children tablets and phones so that their children are occupied and parents and guardians are free to do their things.

Of course children these days have access to internet and unrestricted access to the world wide web can be a dangerous thing but the onus to monitor their online activity lies on parents and guardians.

Daily after school hours internet cafes are filled with students. Some on Facebook, some watching porn and others busy chatting with people who they would not have even seen in real life.

Do their parents and guardians monitor how long their children take coming back from school? Do they question where they were? Or are they happy that the kids are raising themselves?

We cannot go further with this way of thinking. We have to take responsibility, now.


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