Four ‘Poems’ About Life, Leadership And Mind

One of the things that can become a big obstacle for a leader is his attitude of ‘ARROGANCE’ The feeling that “I am the leader, I am better than the
04 Mar 2017 11:00
Four ‘Poems’ About Life, Leadership And Mind

One of the things that can become a big obstacle for a leader is his attitude of ‘ARROGANCE’ The feeling that “I am the leader, I am better than the others and I know it all, more than the others in my team” can and will create a distance between him and his team members.

Arrogance of this kind can also make the leader less of a listener and more of a ‘dominant Talker’.

He will try to dominate everyone else in his team and thereby demotivate his team members and in a way make them reluctant to speak out on their own.

The leader’s arrogance may therefore dissuade his people and others from sharing their independent and probably ‘divergent’ perspectives.

Humility and Respect for others is therefore much required as important traits for a successful leader. The Poem reflects the same.


Leader’s ‘ARROGANCE’

Success and superiority may, at times, lead to an ‘arrogant mind’

Emotions of overconfidence may cloud clarity and turn him ‘blurry and blind’

With his team members, the leader must recognize the need to ‘bond’

Convert he must, his ‘rigid broom’ into a ‘magic wand’


The magic of success happens when an arrogant mind becomes humble

Mutual respect is awakened when ‘EGO’- conflicts begin to crumble

The leader may know it all, yet…such thoughts, he must purposefully hide

Only when the leader listens and ‘un-learns’, the respect for him will spread far and wide


Arrogance of the extreme can make the leader feel isolated and alone

Among the boisterous pebbles the leader could end up as a stubborn stone

Through ‘intention, initiative and interaction’, with his team he can fluently merge

To accomplish ‘greater goals’ the leader must invoke a ‘collective urge’


From the time the leader turns the ‘I’ into ‘WE’

Emotions of resilience and respect will begin to emerge for all to see

Overconfidence will subside and arrogance will begin to steadily die

Along with his team the leader will leap towards the higher sky


The poem titled ‘Be’ is a simple message to all my readers and also to myself about ‘Being your own self.

The poem talks about working upon the negatives and strengthening the positive aspects of life.

It has been very simplistically written so that every reader gets to understand it and hopefully also get motivated by it.



Be silent but not shy

Be not weak but, at times… ‘cry’

Be satisfied and yet aspire for more

Be cautious but never be sluggish and slow


Be ambitious and not greedy, also learn to share

Feel your ‘determined dreams’, yet towards the deep skies learn to stare

Live for the present, yet strengthen your vision and foresight

Walk courageously through the darkness and yet strive to see the light


Your eyes may be closed but still try to open your creative mind

The search is never over, a new destination you must try to find

Living we all are and yet awaken the desire to be truly exuberant and ‘alive’

You may be floating through life, yet strengthen the will to fly


Be brave, yet learn to understand and battle the ‘fear’

Amidst the chaos of confusing thoughts, learn to be completely clear

Be, you must, the inspiring shadow to even the tattered tree

Among the prickly thorns, a fragrant flower you must always be


Every manager or leader must develop the awareness and the knowledge about Delegation.

Doing everything yourself without proper assigning of roles and responsibilities to the others in the team can make the leader most ineffective.

“When you have good team with you why are you not properly delegating the various tasks and responsibilities to them?” is a question typically asked by a senior to his junior manager.

Leaders need to understand that team work only becomes successful when there sensible and appropriate Delegation and Allocation of Tasks and responsibilities to the team members along with Accountability and Responsibility.

The poem below highlights upon the same.



Delegation is about assigning multiple tasks towards a common goal

It is the method by which different people play a different role

Intentional and sensible distribution of work to achieve success is the key

Realize that a captain without his sailors will never cross the sea


Matching the right action to the right employee is a reflection of an excellent boss

Appropriate task to an ‘inappropriate’ person may lead to productivity loss

Yet, there are those who would not delegate because of fear

Unwilling to take the risks and his team would only drive in the first gear


Just as the engine, gears, wheels, steering and the body evolve into a stealthy car

Only team-work and delegation will help an organization become a radiant star

For a leader, to create strategies and foresight for success he should distribute work and feel free

This will only happen when the leader effectively delegates and turns the ‘I’ into the ‘WE’


It is said that our mind is the vehicle that drives our actions which could be positive or negative.

The poem talks about how we could and should understand our mind and organize it for the better.


Mind Management

Mind, it is like a reservoir of ‘tentacle thoughts’

Some simple and a few floating in entangled knots

All our actions determined by the way we think

Without the mind we all could speedily sink


Clarity, an important need especially with thoughts galore

With systematic flow, fresh and new ideas we can explore

The same things in a different way, our ‘mind’ helps us see

With creativity, new ideas will emerge, from stagnancy we shall be set free


A supreme vehicle it is, as it rockets us towards the ‘high sky’

Only our own mind helps us differentiate between the truth and a ‘lie’

Mind Management is all about the way we ‘positively organize and plan’

Clarity and direction in our thoughts and the toughest battles, win we can


Let us introspect about our life and within our ‘self’ we must take a pensive ‘peep’

Our thoughts we must analyse and inner calm and peace, we must perpetually seek

The courage of contemplation will truly help us manage our ever meandering mind

By managing the mind and channelling our ‘will-power’, supreme success we shall find.

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:



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