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Letters To The Editor, 5th April, 2017

Letters To The Editor, 5th April, 2017
April 05
11:32 2017

Biman stoops to conquer

Arvind Mani, Nadi

Biman Prasad probably has not read what Will Rogers said: “It is better for someone to think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

He constantly puts his foot in his mouth by saying the most inane and irresponsible things, much like the dubious leader of the free world, Tweeting Trump.

I am not longer surprised at him constantly flaunting his political sliminess.

The latest proof is his condemnation of Ashwin Raj who is always very balanced and objective in his assessment of situations before he speaks, not to mention his eloquence. And command of the English language.

He has rightfully said that with the freedom of speech comes a sense of responsibility which needs to be carefully exercised. As a past academic, Mr Prasad should know that the duty of a human being is to teach the values that improve the lives of his fellow human beings and not stoop to appeal to the primal fears and fan the flames of racism.

Why did it take him over a week to remove inflammatory and untrue statements on NFP’s Facebook?  It’s because he wanted to allow the maximum exposure to the Facebook trolls who have nothing better to do with their lives than to post comments that put their bigoted and narrow minded views to exhibit their biases.

They have called Mr Raj a “moron” and a “jerk” basing their opinions on what was on the NFP Facebook page. Mr Prasad should have condemned this type of abhorrent behaviour in the strongest terms Instead he has condoned it and has called upon Mr Raj to resign. Does the man have any sense of fairness?

If Mr Prasad wants to win the votes of anyone with a modicum of intelligence and commonsense, he needs to show that he is worthy of it. However, if he wants to appeal to the lowest common denominator of human emotions, he can continue to tread on this slippery slope. Sadly, that is where he seems to be most comfortable



A mathematics concern

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu


Recent revelations about low achievements of our school children in mathematics is alarming.

This calls for much deeper thought and action. Why and how is this happening? Is the mathematics syllabus too tough or is marking stringent? What role does the Ministry of Education and Teachers have in supporting improved results? What role do parents and guardians have?  Were there any patterns in results based on different geographical areas of schools and students?

Perhaps we need to seek feedback from the students themselves because they sat for the examinations. All in all, this is a concern which deserves much though and a concerted effort by all concerned.



Hazardous highway beautification

Norman Yee, Nadi


A great job is being done to the final product of the four lane highway between the Votualevu roundabout and the airport at Nadi.

However I believe more thought should have been given to the beautification aspects of this project.

For example at the Votualevu Roundabout the hibiscus plants have grown taller than the eye level of the drivers making it difficult to see round the corners for quick ingress  or avoiding cars which might be held up around the next bend due to traffic jam ahead.

I almost ran into the back of one vehicle as I came round from the New World junction towards Namaka only to suddenly find a stopped vehicle which was unable to exit due to the held up traffic at the Namaka exit point.

Replanting with a lower growing bush will give drivers a better feel of what is coming around the bend and hence more efficient and safer traffic flow.

Secondly, some weeks ago there was a weeding project along the stretch to the airport.

Consequently, one lane had to be cordoned off to allow the weeding to take place safely for the workers.

I was along this stretch several days later and the workers were still at it.

This obviously negated the purpose of a four-lane highway which could not be used 24/7 on a regular basis.

Efficient traffic flow I believe is better than beautification.

My son who uses this stretch regularly suggests that the Fiji Road Authority (FRA) should do away with planting and concrete the dividing median.

I urge the Land Transport Authority, FRA and Higgins to give serious consideration to this matter.


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