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Bulitavu Compares Tikoduadua’s Govt Speech and NFP Speech

Bulitavu Compares Tikoduadua’s Govt Speech and NFP Speech
Mosese Bulitavo (left), Pio Tikoduadua (right)
April 18
11:00 2017
  • Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) Member of Parliament Moses Bulitavu on Saturday took to social media publishing some of what Pio Tikoduadua said during his maiden speech in Parliament in 2014. Mr Tikoduadua is the former FijiFirst Minister for Infrastructure and Leader of Government Business who resigned from Parliament in May 2015 citing poor health.
  • Mr Bulitavu concluded his post with words from Mr Tikoduadua’s statement when he officially announced his move to the National Federation Party.

Below is Mr Bulitavu’s full post:

FijiFirst defect Pio Tikoduadua in his maiden speech in 2014 said the following:

  •  the Opposition fell short of government expectations to come up against a “worthy opponent” and needs to come up with new ideas about taking the nation forward.
  •  the Opposition “need some fresh ideas if they are to remain at all relevant to our national debate over the next four years” and not the “politics of division that cost them the election” and was “overwhelmingly rejected by the Fijian people.”
  •  the Opposition needed to accept their election defeat and “soon see the error of their ways” saying that if they don’t, it was going to be a “long and frustrating four years.”
  •  the Opposition will be fewer in numbers in 2018 because they have misjudged the iTaukei.
  •  the Leader of the Opposition, Ro Teimumu Kepa’s maiden speech was notably short of new ideas about how to take the nation forward.
  •  the international community has described the 2014 elections as credible, free and fair.
  •  the Opposition need to tell the truth in this Parliament, the truth that they didn’t tell during the election campaign.
  •  the Opposition parroted “the same old negative chant – of the iTaukei people threatened when they’re not, Christianity threatened when it’s not.

Pio in his maiden speech further said that:

  • It is not true to say that the iTaukei have been weakened when we have guaranteed ownership of our land than ever before – more than 90 per cent – and more opportunities than ever before.
  • It is not true to say that our identity has been stolen when an English name that only came with the English is used to describe every other citizen. We are all citizens of our beloved Fiji, and as such we are all Fijians and the Opposition need to learn to accept that.
  • It is not true that the right of we Christians to worship Our Lord Jesus Christ or Catholics to honour Mary and the Saints publically or privately is threated by the provision of a secular state in our Constitution. It is guaranteed, along with other freedoms, yet the Christian fundamentalists sitting opposite still try to stir up division.
  • It is not true to say that our strength as a people has weakened just because some of our institutions have been reformed. On the contrary, the strength of our identity and capability as the iTaukei derives from us as a people.
  • It is not true to say that there will be another coup unless the Constitution is changed. And it is an outrageous abuse of the privilege afforded by this Chamber for the opposition member opposite to have made such a threat. The Constitution will not be changed, except by the Constitutional provisions, and any insurrection will be addressed decisively.
  • By the same token, it is hypocritical of the Honourable Whip of the Opposition to comment on the provisions of immunity in the 2013 Constitution when he himself was a beneficiary of similar provisions in the 1990 and 1997 Constitutions for the events of 1987.
  • It is not true that expatriates are taking the jobs of qualified Fijians in our economy, in which we need the best people to take Fiji forward. We will not force the pace of localisation if it means degrading our capability as a nation.
  • And it is not true that Fijians have never been more divided, as yet another Opposition member claimed in his maiden speech.

In 2014 in Parliament Pio said that “every Fijian knows that we have never been more united than we are now nor does our nation have such a sense of purpose or so much promise and there was genuine democracy.”

In 2017, he is saying that “Fiji’s biggest problem at the moment is not that my opinion does not matter. It is that nobody’s opinion matters, except those of the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General. No-one else’s views are sought. No concession is made to any person with a different opinion. Nobody else can ever be right and they can never be wrong.”

Edited by Jyoti Pratibha


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