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Letters to the Editor, April 18th, 2017

Letters to the Editor, April 18th, 2017
Letters to The Editor
April 18
09:50 2017

The C factor

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

What stood out amongst Canada and USA at the HSBC Singapore 7s rugby tournament? The interpretations are many.

The two teams remained cool, calm and collected throughout their matches. Remember Fiji handed Canada with a 35 -7 defeat but this did not dampen the spirits of the men from North America.

Meanwhile for Fiji the Red factor, a red card against South Africa, did not dampen the remaining six players as they held on fighting until the final whistle. 

Aside from this, who would have thought that South Africa, Fiji and the All Blacks were to lose their quarterfinal matches.

All in all, with Canada winning its first ever tournament in 2017, the 2018 World Cup will get even more interesting.

Wake up call For Students

Chandra Prakash Singh,  Caubati

I wholeheartedly agree with Kirti Patel (F/S April 14) regarding incidents in high schools and just within the first term of the school year, few sad incidents regarding discipline has taken place.

While parents, teachers, family members and community leaders are doing their part in informing children to pay utmost attention to their studies, children should accept their responsibilities seriously whether at school, home, boarding centres or any other environment.

Children should at all times heed advice given by their parents, teachers and by the relevant authorities.

Schools are institutions where children should learn discipline, courtesy, honesty, timeline, punctuality, respect, obedience, instructions and good attributes.

In fact involving in bullying, assaulting fellow students, using drugs, smoking cigarettes/ marijuana, indulging in sexual activities, passing rude remarks need not happen and students should be mindful of the purpose why they are being sent to schools.

School dropouts are becoming a concern. This needs to be addressed soon by parents, teachers, school managements, the Ministry of Education and relevant authorities.

Is it happening because of reduced attention by parents, children not studying, not following instructions by teachers, spending more time in recreational activities, less encouragement provided by the community and learned people?

Children should not let their minds wander in different directions and instead remain focused in receiving the highest educational qualifications for better job opportunities.

Government is providing educational assistance to children from primary, secondary up to tertiary levels. Therefore such resources should not be wasted but utilised best.

Parents are doing their utmost within their financial means in providing basic necessities of life for family members for other educational needs of children.

This sacrifice by parents should not be overlooked. Other forms of assistance by any organisation should be valued.

After school hours, more responsibility rests with parents, immediate relatives and children themselves. Children need to return home soon after school lessons finish each day so that unforeseen incidents do no happen that can create a bad image.

Children have certain rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and corporal punishment is not allowed in schools.

But children should at all times uphold rules and regulations in schools/ boarding homes and laws put in place by Government.

I support Ministry of Education’s directive in taking action against those students who break rules and regulations and are disobedient.

Enough is enough and if things are taken lightly from now onwards regarding what few students are doing then schools can become a place for pastime and creating disturbance to those students who want to excel in life.

So a stern reminder to those children who regard learning institutions as fun, this is a wakeup call for you.

Make a complete turnaround in an early part of your life before you join unemployed groups and also end up spending the rest of your  life in jail.

Your future is only in your hands while others can only provide guidance, support, teaching lessons and assistance.

If you become disrespectful, disobedient, aggressive and show your anger in institutions of learning,it will not help in attaining better education, becoming good employees of this nation and respectable citizens.

Respect towards any form of instructions whether in schools, home or by any institution will enable children to face challenges in life in a positive manner, make meaningful contribution in the society and attain leadership qualities.

Aim for the highest whether in internal/ external examinations or in any other activities that requires children’s participation.

Quality time is necessary to bind family relationships together. Together, they can overcome any difficulties that arise and shape children in the rightful manner.

A home is like a place of worship where everyone should learn good virtues, live in harmony, show respect, support each other, gain knowledge about various issues, aim for prosperity in life and not allow interference from external sources.



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