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Letter To The Editor, 20th April 2017

Letter To The Editor, 20th April 2017
Sitiveni Rabuka
April 20
09:12 2017

Bad press

Epeli Rabua,  Suva

As Fiji moves closer to the 2018 General Election, we the Fijian people are beginning to get bad and in some cases downright rubbish in Fiji’s dailies.

Take for instance the Fiji Sun’s running of the SODELPA election candidates (FS18/0417) and the FijiFirst Government’s and Qorvis’ mouthpiece – Nemani Delaibatiki’s so-called “Analysis” of the same list.

Some of those whose names appeared on the said list were dumbfounded to hear that they were listed as candidates and to make matters worse, their pictures were printed to give credence to something that was as alien to them as we the readers were.

That they were taken by surprise and Fiji Sun reporter, Ashna Kumar, who did not elaborate as to how and where they got their list, is a mockery of the FijiFirst Government’s call for media transparency.

To make matters worse, Mr Delaibatiki then issues further rubbish in his analysis as to how SODELPA supporters in the United States are being given mixed or dubious messages.

First and foremost, to print hearsay without proving the veracity of what you are printing is just that, rubbish and a waste of space.

And as SODELPA is not responding to the rubbish spewed forth by the Fiji Sun, we wonder as to how much more rubbish will we, the Fijian readers be exposed to.

Editor’s note: Letter writer Mr Rabua – like everyone – is entitled to his views. But the facts speak for themselves:

SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka has confirmed this was a SODELPA list Mr Delaibatiki obtained.

Mr Delaibatiki accurately reported what Mr Rabuka has been saying in the USA and how this differed from what he has been saying in Fiji.

Mr Delaibatiki was doing his job as a journalist.


Banks phone numbers

Joe Smith,  Pacific Harbour

Customer service is certainly valued by banks in Fiji and their branches have proper separate listings in the Fiji Telephone Directory with the exception one particular bank. The bank has centralised of all their incoming calls to one switchboard, hence to get transferred is like waiting to win the lottery.

I pity staff members who face very frustrated customers.


Singapore 7s: What is happening

Kirti Patel,  Lautoka

Singapore 7’s didn’t go down the throat well. The digestion is still in the struggling mode. Well such reaction was expected after the superb win in the Hong Kong 7s.

The sad thing is that we couldn’t even reach the semi-finals or finals.

This was not something anyone expected.

The same common mistakes were evident such as ball-handling and defence skills.

The sin bin is another continuous issue. Why is it that the same mistakes are occurring despite the hype of winning the series desperately?

We are not saying that the coach Gareth Baber is not up to par. However, the continued silly mistakes just makes one wonder. This is not like us.

Fiji is well known throughout for its superb rugby skills and we have teams fearing to play us. Something has to be done.

Maybe the coach needs to first sit with the players and listen to their concerns should they have any. The way they are playing just simply doesn’t make sense.

Not sure if that method will make any impact but at the moment it seems like the players have lost interest and this has become very apparent.

Let’s hope their diet is well-looked after and is similar to the former coach’s time and perhaps the training mode has to be changed to something different as well.

Whatever it takes, we need to come up again. We are the shining stars of rugby and shall remain no matter what.

Yes we will always be with you right till the end regardless of the win or loss, but the expectation will always be there.

Let’s hope to see some difference in the next series.



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