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Letters To The Editor, 07th May 2017

Letters To The Editor, 07th May 2017
May 07
09:02 2017

LTA Response to 582

Eddie Sandys,


I was a regular person texting 582 to report on bad drivers but I had stopped because I was getting a bad response from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) officers.

My memory goes back to the chief executive officer of the LTA launching the new service and advising “we will receive text and come down very hard on all who have broken the law”.

Offence ranged from jumping the red light to smoking in a PSV and warnings were given, I stopped texting.

I then started texting again and my latest complaint was a big truck was following my taxi from Laqere bridge to Nakasi roundabout with his lights on full beam.

It was so difficult driving with the truck behind me with lights on full beam.

It caused me to drive very slow because of this.

The LTA lady said ‘so what’s wrong with that’; it was obvious she was not aware of driving in front of a large truck at night with the lights on full beam. So was told she will investigate and advise.

She called me back later to say she had spoken to the driver and he was given a warning after admitting the offence.

It now looks like the LTA has gone slack. What happened to the zero tolerance shown by your enforcement team when you first started? No one was warned; anyone who had broken the law was charged, now they are being warned.

This will probably stop other people to text, what the LTA needs to realise we park our car and send the text it is time consuming and nothing is done.


I am going to stop texting 582.



Reformation 500th year anniversary

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


This year marks the 500th year when in 1517 Martin Luther challenged the authority of the Roman Catholic Church when he posted his 95 theses to the church door at Wittenberg, provoking the Protestant reformation and dramatically altered Western civilisation.

In a nutshell, Martin Luther was used by God to wake up the church from teaching and believing doctrines that were not Biblical and other reformers have followed suit to return believers to lost Biblical truth.

Five hundred years later, the Reformation Bible College in Florida, USA challenges students to consider the question, “Why a new Reformation?” with the winner winning a full year of tuition.

In his comments on the topic: Christian State? Bad Idea, Nemani Delaibatiki mentioned that “today many Christians around the world observe the Sabbath on Sunday except for Seventh Day Adventists who observe it on Saturday” (FS 1/5). He went on to explain why but there is no New Testament evidence to support the change from Saturday to Sunday.

Christians believe, from all the signs of the times before us, that it indicates the imminence of Christ’s second coming.

But the million dollar question that all Christians should ask: Is God inconsistent? To set aside the Seventh day Sabbath from creation for humanity, write it in the Ten Commandments beginning with the word “Remember” and in the new covenant, that same moral law is written in the hearts and minds of Christians?

I believe God is calling Christian men and women to be today’s Martin Luther, being part of a new Reformation to prepare His people with the good news and the unchanging truth of God’s word.



Legalising marijuana

Kirti Patel,


First of all we come to learn that the Opposition Member of Parliament Niko Nawaikula is raising his concerns on the legalisation of marijuana in Parliament followed by his statement afterwards in the newspaper that he didn’t intend any such thing and the media misunderstood or made a mistake.

I believe there are lots of people in the Parliament and there are certain recordings as well which points to this.

As far as I think there is no clarification from the media nor the minister in this case Mr Nawaikula himself.

Can someone please enlighten us and clarify? Just to give in my two cents, if this weed is legalised in our country then a Hindi famous saying will be well suited here which says “aa bail mujhe maar’’ (come bull hit me).


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